Redford Club vs Redford FX

Redford Club vs Redford FX: Which One Should You Choose?

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RedfordFx is an unregulated brokerage service firm operating in Australia. This company was founded in 2022 and started operating 2 months after the foundation.

Similar to Redfordfx, Redford Trading Club aka Redford Club is also an unregulated brokerage service provider in China, which offers two types of trading platforms. We tried to gather more authentic information about the brokers but we couldn’t reach any of these broker’s websites.

Let’s look at the comprehensive review of both these platforms and why you shouldn’t trust the unregulated brokers in the industry.

BROKER NAMERedfordfxRedford Trading Club
REGULATIONNot RegulatedNot Regulated
TRADING PLATFORMSWeb PlatformRedford platform, Mobile App

Redford Trading Club: A Closer Look

Redford Club or Redford Trading Club has been in the cryptocurrency exchange game since 2015. It’s based in China, but here’s the catch – there’s no financial authority keeping tabs on it.

Now, when you look into their Redford crypto scene, you’ll find a range of options to trade, including the big players like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Litecoin (LTC). They’ve also got a couple of platforms to choose from – Redford Pro and the Redford Mobile App. Choices, choices!

But it’s not all smooth sailing. Some users have been grumbling about their difficulties in getting their money out, and they’re not thrilled about how Redford Club keeps things secretive.

Why Should You Be Worried About RedFord Club?

  • No financial watchdogs are keeping watch.
  • Disappointed Customers.
  • The FCA raised a red flag about the cloning.

In the big picture, our advice would be to take it easy with Redford Club. There are plenty of other crypto trading platforms like Bold Prime with better reputations that might be safer options for your digital journey.

RedFordFx: A Deep Analysis

RedfordFX is a forex broker that’s been making some headlines. It’s like that quiet neighbor who keeps to themselves, and you’re not quite sure what they’re up to.

The broker claims to be based in Bali, Indonesia, but the only way to reach them is through a basic email address. It’s a bit like a business with a hidden phone number.

Now, some financial watchdogs have raised their eyebrows. The CNMV in Spain says Redford FX isn’t authorized to operate in Spain, like a local authority warning you about a new store in town. And the UK’s FCA chips in, saying RedfordFX is a clone firm, like someone pretending to be someone they’re not.

But here’s the catch: despite the warnings, RedfordFX is still open for business. 

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Why You Should Be Cautious?

RedfordFX is not regulated by any major financial authority; thus, no one can guarantee they follow the rules. It’s a game without a referee. What about their website? It’s not the most polished, with typing errors here and there. It’s not exactly a show of professionalism.

The real stinger, however, is client feedback. Many people have had unpleasant experiences, with stories of scams and lost money. It’s like listening to someone gripe about a bad meal – not a welcoming environment.

Overall, RedfordFX is a mystery with some warning indications. With all of these doubts and red signals, it may be advisable to stay away and hunt for safer investing options. There are more trustworthy options available, such as Metherworld.

Redfordfx and Redford Trading Club: Two Disappointments

When our team searched “Redford”, we noticed two names that seemed to have a connection, and those were Redfordfx Broker and Redford Trading Club.

Both these brokers are the same when it comes to being a fraudster. Their websites seem as if they were never operated by anyone. Being a broker, they don’t offer trading instruments, which is the fishiest thing a trading platform can have. 

Both the brokers are unregulated and operate that way, which raises doubt in the whole system.

Thus, we advise you not to fall into the trap of such trading platforms but instead look for brokers like WinsorFX, which takes care of your fund like their own child.


Brokers like RedfordFx and Redford Trading make you lose your money and trust in trading. Brokers without regulations, such as these two, aren’t advisable for several reasons. What they lack, you can find in Vonway. Firstly, they aren’t bound by any rules that ensure financial services are offered relatively and transparently, protecting the interests and funds of everyday investors. 

Secondly, they operate without any oversight, granting them the freedom to run their operations as they please. Unfortunately, some unregulated brokers aim to deceive unsuspecting investors and part them from their money.

It is advisable for traders to look at essential points while trading, such as the broker’s regulation, where the brokerage platform is operating, minimum deposit, etc.


Where is Redford FX operating from?

Redford Fx is operating from Australia. It is a non-regulated broker.

Can You Trust Redfordfx for Trading?

Regrettably, Redfordfx cannot be considered a reliable company for trading, as they lack registration and regulation by significant oversight bodies, like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

What Dangers Come with Redfordfx?

Engaging with unregulated firms like Redfordfx comes with the risk that you won’t have the option to file a complaint with a regulatory body in case of a dispute.

How Do I Stay Safe from Online Scams?

To steer clear of scams, make sure you only engage with reputable companies that have complete regulation from well-known authorities like the FCA.

If Redfordfx Has Scammed Me, What Steps Should I Take?

Your initial step should be to report the situation to your local authority department. If they cannot reach through that route, there’s still a chance of reclaiming your funds from Redfordfx by pursuing a chargeback case with your bank or credit card provider.

What Spreads Does RedfordFX Provide?

RedfordFX’s website doesn’t provide much information about its offerings, including trading costs. It might be more helpful to examine the real-time spreads offered by established forex brokers instead.

Which Payment Options Does RedfordFX Accept?

RedfordFX offers payment methods such as bank wire, Visa, MasterCard, Qiwi, WebMoney, and Yandex Money. They do not appear to support significant e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill. Consider exploring other brokers like Loyal Primus if you prefer using PayPal.

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