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Metherworld is an unregulated broker headquartered in Estonia. The broker primarily deals in cryptocurrencies and is an MLM broker, offering a Ponzi Scheme to the traders in the name of trading. Check out the Metherworld company details below:

BROKER NAME Metherworld
REGULATORS Not Regulated
MINIMUM DEPOSIT $30 for Bronze plan, $90 for Silver plan, $900 for Gold and $10,800 for Platinum Plan
TRADING INSTRUMENTS Forex and Cryptocurrency

What is Metherworld?

Mether World is an unregulated brokerage firm founded in 2020 and located in Estonia. The broker primarily deals in cryptocurrency trading. Mether World provides a variety of digital assets for trading, which includes cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. Moreover, this platform is renowned for using advanced blockchain technology and MLM model, the metherworld blockchain is the broker’s USP.

Traders could trade these cryptocurrencies against fiat currencies or other digital assets. It is important to recognise that Mether World doesn’t conform to the stringent regulatory standards and compliance obligations typically imposed on traditional brokers like Tradeeu.

Is Metherworld Fraud?

Yes, Metherworld comes out as a fraud brokerage company, as it lacks a strong foundation, and, most importantly, it appears to be an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company. Only those at the top seem to make money, but only for a brief period. Those at the bottom end up becoming victims of scams later on.

Although the official address of the broker is Estonia, it works from Dubai. Dubai has gained a reputation as a hub for MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) schemes, often associated with fraudulent activities. Any MLM company based in Dubai tends to be met with suspicion. If the company combines MLM with cryptocurrency, it is highly likely to be a scam.

Available Trading Instruments

Metherworld only deals in Forex and Cryptocurrencies. The broker mostly promotes Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and its own, Mcoin. As a trader, you might need a wider variety of assets to trade from. Look for Equiity in the market for numerous trading assets.

Metherworld, as mentioned earlier, primarily deals with cryptocurrency. The most popular cryptocurrency on the website is MCoin.

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What is MCoin?

Metherworld MCoin is a utility token based on Binance technology used in a blockchain-based digital advertising and service platform to benefit advertisers, publishers, and users. It means that it offers decentralised services related to digital advertising, publishers, and tasks connected to the blockchain.

It is an ERC-20 token which operates on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows you to connect with different people and share information. mCoin is a token created by the metherworld company.

mCoin claims to be faster than all systems in its Transaction Process System (TPS). In other words, when we make any transaction, it takes some time. This time depends on server load, mechanical factors, etc. All transactions on the blockchain are faster with mCoin.

The image is taken from Facebook about the rates of MCoin

After logging in, you get your own

Log In to Metherworld

There are two websites of Metherworld. On the first website, we tried logging in; we were successful. Here are the steps:

STEP 1: Visit the Metherworld Website and click Login to open your account.

STEP 2: Enter the information required, such as the sponsor’s Name, Your Name, etc.

STEP 3: Click on Register, and your account will be activated.

STEP 4: Complete your KYC by providing your photo to the broker.

STEP 5: Start Trading

Log In to Metherworld

After logging in, you get your own referral code which you can further give to another person and gain profits on it when he signs up.

metherworld referral program

They also provide login information on the page.

metherworld login panel details

When we tried Signing Up to the other website by entering all the information, we were barred from registering by a cautionary message: “Registrations are temporarily disabled!”

Metherworld-Registrations are temporarily disabled

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Packages Offered By MetherWorld

There is no mention of account types on Metherworld’s official website. Still, after thorough web research by our team, we found out about the packages offered by Metherworld. The metherworld plan price ranges between $30 to $54,000. Look at the packages offered in detail:

Packages Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Basic Package Starts from $30 Starts $90 Starts at $900 Starts from $10,800
Medium Package Standard Silver account: $270 For the Gold Pearl package starts at $1800 Master Platinum program:  $27,000
High Package Platinum Silver account: $450 Premium Gold package starts at $2700 For the Masters Pro package: $54,000

Unscrupulous brokers, like Metherworld, might persistently push their clients to deposit more funds, frequently asserting that such deposits are essential to unlock improved trading opportunities or higher returns. Safe trading brokers like Capitalix are essential to earning higher returns with low risk.

Trading Platforms

It claims to offer its own trading platform for traders to trade on, but we did not find any information regarding trading platforms on the website.

Pros and Cons of Metherworld

Here are some Pros and Cons:

Minimum Deposit for a Basic Package starts at $30. Account Types are missing from the website.
Extensive educational resources with Metherworld Academy. Only deals in Forex and Cryptocurrency.
It comes out as an MLM Ponzi Scheme.
Not Regulated.

What is Mether Academy?

Mether Academy claims to offer extensive Web 3.0 courses and an active community for an immersive educational journey to prepare traders for success in the digital trading market.

Mether Academy provides Web 3.0 education to everyone, irrespective of traders’ backgrounds or prior experience. They claim this as their primary goal.

Mether Academy provides

  • Thorough Web 3.0 Instruction
  • Continuous Skill Development
  • Fostering a Community
  • Encouraging Creativity and Adaptability

While going through this community education programme of Metherworld, we did not find anything new, and this seemed as if put there for a huge distraction from the Ponzi scheme they are operating.

Deposits and Withdrawals

For deposits and withdrawals, you must connect to the Metherworld wallet, also known as the BEP 20 wallet, by entering your username. We did not find any source of this on the official website.

metherworld-BEP 20 wallet


When you log in to the Metherworld, there is an option for easy withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal limit is $50, and a 5% fee applies to withdrawals.

metherworld- withdrawal panel

Source: Metherworld



There is only one review on Trustpilot that is too positive. We highly doubt the source of the comment, as the broker, in our sense, might be a scam.

trustpilot review on metherworld

Google reviews

There were no reviews on Google about the broker.

Scam Advisor

Scam Advisor has given a 100/100 score to Metherworld. This is something we can’t trust. A website with a bad interface and no fulfilled information can never get full marks from our side.

scam advisor

Customer Support

We did not find any information on customer support on the official website of Metherworld. There was an option for raising a ticket if the trader had any query related to the broker.

After thorough research by the team, we somehow found the contact information of Metherworld. After contacting them, the response was not up to the mark. They reverted late and were available only Monday-Friday. There’s no availability of LiveChat as well.

Phone: +372 462 6285

Email:  [email protected]

metherworld Customer Support


It functions as a broker with a primary focus on cryptocurrency trading. However, knowing that this broker has garnered an unfavourable standing within the industry is essential. This negative image can be linked to factors such as subpar customer service, withdrawal difficulties, and questionable business practices.

Given the unfavourable reputation associated with Mether World, traders should exercise caution when considering this broker. It is of utmost importance to conduct thorough research and assess the broker’s credibility, regulatory compliance, and customer feedback before engaging in trading activities.

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What is the Metherworld m coin Price today?

The Metherworld share price or Metherworld coin price today ranges between 181 and 186.8 rupees, with a trading volume worth 76,262,220 rupees. Moreover, the exact metherworld coin price in India today is 183.09 rupees.

What is the Metherworld?

It was founded in 2020 with the Metherworld office in Estonia, and the currency-operating CEO of the broker platform is Denis Shehu; we could not find the Metherworld founder on the websites. The broker used blockchain technology and MLM schemes to allow traders to trade with the broker’s official currency, m coin.

What is mether academy?

Mether Academy is an affiliated educational course offered by the metherworld platform, offering advanced Web 3.0 courses.

How to download the Metherworld app?

For the Mether World app download, go to the broker website and locate the download link or QR code, click on download or scan the code to reach the download page. Make sure that you have devices that can support the Metherworld application. Once you download the app, log in and continue to trade currency.

What are Metherworld rank rewards?

The broker offers ranks like Sr. Executive, manager, etc. and offers them special rewards or prices like watches, mobile phones, sponsored trips, etc.

Metherworld Awards

What does Metherworld provide?

Given Mether World’s specialisation in cryptocurrency trading, it is probable that they offer a variety of digital assets for trading, encompassing well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

Who established mCoin as a cryptocurrency?

mCoin is the key protocol for Web3 Foundation, a Swiss-based foundation committed to advancing an open-source, accessible, and user-friendly decentralised web. The individuals responsible for founding mCoin include Mr. Denis Shehu (CEO) and Mr. Andrzej Adam (CMO).

What is the latest information regarding mCoin today?

The current market valuation for mCoin is $2.136621 per (MCOIN / USD), and the present market capitalisation stands at $0 USD.

Is mCoin considered a cryptocurrency?

mCoin holds the 2094th position in cryptocurrency market cap rankings. It achieved a peak price of $2.48 today and is currently valued at null.

What is the expected price range for mCoin in 2025?

The projected mCoin price for 2025 is $2.59 at the lower end and $7.57 at the higher end.

Is the use of mCoin permitted in India?

Cryptocurrency trading is permitted in India, subject to a 30% tax.

What are the attributes of mCoin?

mCoin provides a mobile interface for engaging with decentralised applications operating on the BSC Network. It also offers a decentralised storage network tailored to the creator economy. The protocol is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Metaverse and offers native support for NFTs and complex applications.

On which platform is mCoin available for trading?

The MCOIN token will be listed on the LBank Exchange at 13:00 UTC on March 20, 2023. This will allow investors interested in mCoin to conveniently engage in buying and selling. LBank is recognised as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges established in 2015.

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