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Winsorfx is an online brokerage firm located in Vincent and Grenadines. This comes out as an unregulated broker with no stringent license. The broker claims to gain an FSC license in a few days; let’s see how that unfolds.

For more information about the broker, read this comprehensive review with its pros and cons, trading assets, programs and more.

Broker’s Name WinsorFx
Founded In 2020
Website winsorfx
Owner N/A
HeadOffice St Vincent and the Grenadines
Regulation Not Regulated
Minimum Deposit $10
Demo Account N/A
Types of Assets Forex,  ETFs, Bonds, Shares, Commodities, Indices, Cryptocurrency
Deposit Methods Bank transfers, e-wallets, debit/credit cards
Customer Support 24*5


winsorfx official website homepage

What is WinsorFx?

WinsorFx is a non-regulated brokerage firm based in St Vincent and Grenadines, which was founded in 2020. With WinsorFx, traders can participate in various financial markets, including Forex trading, stocks, commodities, indices CFDs, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, bonds, CFDs and blends through the WinsorFX trading platform.

The website claims to offer trading with CFDs on blends and exposing traders to investment sectors from ESG to e-commerce, which is not a common asset offered by brokers.

WinsorFX offers a trading platform, CTrader, which can be accessed on desktop, web, and mobile devices, providing traders with convenience and flexibility.

winsorfx regulation proof

Is Winsor Fx a Scam?

Yes, WinsorFx is a scam as it is not regulated by any regulating authority. WinsorFx website talks about safety online and how you should be safe from online fraudulent activities. However, the broker lacks the most important aspect of being a safe brokerage firm like TradeEU, regulated by a stringent authority for the safety of funds and trading.

The broker is headquartered in St Vincent and the Grenadines, which does not have a reliable FX regulator apart from FSA. Since Winsorfx is not regulated by FSA, it will most likely be a scam broker.

WinforFx works with “Automated Trading Software.” Another red flag to watch out for is the prevalence of such websites, which are often associated with various scamming schemes.

The broker claims to announce their upcoming license from the Financial Services Commission. Let’s see when it unfolds.

Available Trading Assets On WinsorFx

Available Trading Assets On WinsorFx

WinsorFx offers various trading assets-


Access to over 60 major, minor, and exotic CFD currency pairs is available.

  • Infinite liquidity
  • Well-liked currency pairs
  • The potential for hedging
  • Enables risk diversification


Traders can engage in leveraged trading on thousands of CFD stocks with minimal spreads and no commissions. Trade a selection of over 2,000 shares from major and minor global markets. Traders can take long or short positions on individual shares in accordance with their trading strategies and risk tolerance.

  • IPO Trading
  • Commission Free Trading
  • Swap Leverage Upto 1:10


Traders can take a position on the fundamental resources shaping the global economy. Trade CFDs on energy markets.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Precious Metals like Gold and Silver
  • Corn and Cocoa.
  • Gain access to CFDs on over 20 spot and futures commodity markets, along with commodity stocks and ETFs, all within a single account.
  • Competitive spreads, with rates as low as 0.5 for Gold.
  • Eliminate the need for expiration dates, and the broker will automatically roll your positions.

Indices CFDs

Traders can trade the world’s largest stock markets 24/5 with cutting-edge tools, narrower spreads, and access to expert analysis.

  • 30+ indices like Dow & Jones and FTSE100
  • Trading for speculation
  • Minimal margin demands


Traders can harness the market volatility and trade over 20 cryptocurrencies. They can take both long and short positions while trading on margin.

  • Go long and short with 20 different Crypto CFDs
  • Narrow Spreads
  • Reduced Slippage


Consider Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to access various stock markets, sectors, commodities, bonds, and currencies. Invest in those that align with your preferences and short the ones you have a negative outlook on.

  • ETFs are available that mirror the performance of the FTSE 100 index by holding constituent stocks in proportions relative to their FTSE price.
  • Some exchange-traded funds aggregate companies within specific industries, such as lithium production.
  • Others track the performance of specific assets, for instance, gold.

Bond CFDs

Traders can express their views on the future direction of interest rates by trading our accessible government bond markets.

  • First derivative: Obtain a more direct exposure to central bank policies than in Forex trading.
  • Trade inverse and leveraged bond ETFs according to your strategy and objectives.
  • Express your perspective on the future direction of interest rates and central bank actions.


Blends are curated collections of interconnected stocks carefully chosen to offer exposure to particular sectors and investment themes. These can range from ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) to eCommerce, energy, and tech sectors and even feature renowned investment figures like Warren Buffett.

Trading Platforms at WinsorFx

Trading Platforms at WinsorFx

WinsorFx offers various Trading Platforms. Here are some


CTrader, created and continuously updated by Spotware Systems Ltd., is a cutting-edge, multi-asset online trading platform. It empowers traders with the capability to engage in forex, CFDs, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies from anywhere around the globe.

This platform is accessible in desktop, web, and mobile application versions, offering flexibility to meet diverse trading preferences.

  • Enhanced Trade Control
  • Automated Trading
  • Expand Your Asset Portfolio
  • User-Friendly Charts

What can you trade with CTrader?

  • Cash CFDs for Stock Indices.
  • Future CFDs for Soft Commodities.
  • Forex CFDs with variable spreads.
  • Spot Contract CFDs for Metals and Energy, including Silver, Gold, Oil, Brent Oil, and Natural Gas.

winsorfx trading platform

WinsorFx Trading Platform

A feature-rich platform with various benefits, offering advanced charting, distinctive analytical tools, and customisable alert options.

  • A Platform Supporting Multiple Asset Classes
  • Top-Tier Trading Instruments
  • Competitive Spreads and Swift Execution

Why should you trade on the WinsorFx Trading Platform?

  • Utilise cutting-edge analysis tools featuring Analyst Recommendations, Insiders, and more.
  • Tune in to our expert insights on XRay through multiple daily shows.
  • Stay updated with live streaming news and analysis for real-time market-moving updates.
  • Employ professional-grade charting tools integrated with TradingView.

WinsorFx Mobile Application

Designed for traders needing rapid market access, our straightforward interface and swift execution enable you to enter trades with a single click.

  • User-friendly and instinctive
  • Seamlessly integrated trading view charts
  • Rapid access to essential information

You can download the app on both Android and IOS.

Even though it offers cTrader, Mobile Application and WebTrader, it does not offer advanced and most-used trading platforms such as MT4 or MT5.

WinsorFx Affiliate Programme

WinsorFX’s multi-tier affiliate program is designed for affiliates to introduce traders and sub-affiliates to the platform. The broker claims to offer swift and automated monthly payouts, and traders can conveniently track their earnings within their affiliate back-office account anytime.

Tier 01: $6 charged per traded lot.

Tier 02: $3 charged per traded lot.

Tier 03: $1 charged per traded lot.

Master Affiliate

The Master affiliate, who recruits additional affiliates to join the broker’s program, earns profits by recruiting new affiliates for WinsorFX.


The individual who serves as an agent and brings new customers to WinsorFX is an Affiliate or an Introducing Broker. With every completed deal, the affiliate will earn $10 per lot profit, which can go up to $16.7 per lot profit.


A person engaging in trading activities involving indices, stocks, currencies, metals, or cryptocurrencies is commonly called a Trader.

Demo Contest

Prize fund of $3,000 for the demo trade competition and the top 25 participants are assured of receiving prizes.

winsorfx demo contest

Steps to enter the Demo Contest

STEP 1. Begin by registering on our website. Visit After logging in, go to the Dashboard page and scroll down to locate and access the Demo account.

STEP 2. Download the renowned cTrader platform, which has received multiple awards.

STEP 3. Start your trading journey with a virtual balance of $1000.

STEP 4. Claim your reward.

There are certain conditions while registering for the Demo Contest, which you can read here.

Doubling Duel

Traders can participate in trading on a designated C-TRADER account within the next 24 hours. The trader who achieves the highest profits will be crowned as the champion!

STEP 1. Extend an invitation to a friend to join you in the duel, or choose to be paired with a random user for an unexpected challenge.

STEP 2. Your exclusive account information will be furnished upon registration.

STEP 3. Participate in strategic trading.

Rewards of Doubling Duel

Each Doubling Duel champion secures a generous prize of 50 reward points. These points are convertible for live account deposits, enhancing your trading capabilities.

WinsorFx Account Types

The broker has nowhere mentioned the account types on its platform, which could be difficult for traders and newbies to understand trading. It gives an option for Copy Trading and Master Account, where traders can open an account and start trading.

Trading At WinsorFx

Traders can enter the worldwide financial markets through a unified platform tailored to their needs whether they prefer trading daily or hourly. Traders are provided with basic charts or in-depth reports for efficient trading. For advanced charts and efficient resources, look for RCG Markets.

Copy Trading

Copy Trading offers a chance to automatically replicate top traders’ actions, saving traders time and effort. Traders can opt for the finest Forex Masters and diversify their trading portfolio.

Copier Account

Create your account and deposit to start your copy trading.

Master Account

Traders can carry out regular trades and generate extra income from those who emulate their strategies.

Pamm Account

The broker also offers a Pamm account for traders interested in being a money manager, and strategy planner. You can create an account with one execution price and no additional charges, and use it for copytrading. As a trading or strategy manager, you can access trading stats in a systematic manner which will simply be the strategy management.

Open An Account With WinsorFx

STEP 1. Visit the WinsorFx website.

STEP 2. Click on “Client Area.”

STEP 3. Click on “SignUp Here”

STEP 4. Enter the information asked.

STEP 5. Start Trading.

winsorfx signup process

If you already have an account on the WinsorFx, Enter your email address and password to Login into your account. Search Winsorfx login and open the Winsorfx login window, enter your credentials and start your active trading account.
winsorfx login panel

The broker apparently has two different websites for registration, which is another red flag. We wouldn’t recommend you to register, but if you wish to trade with winsorfx beware of the other website to avoid scams.v

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of Winsorfx.

Entry to a variety of financial markets Limited diversity in available account types
Accessible customer support Inadequate information concerning leverage
Competitive spread rates Insufficiency of comprehensive educational materials
Intuitive CTrader platform for ease of use Insufficient clarity on commission and fees
Minimal deposit threshold

User Experience Sources

We found mixed reviews about the broker; some had great experiences trading with Winsorfx, while others had their “not-so-good”  experience.


The Trustpilot reviews are generally positive about the broker, as the rating starts with 3-star and no customer has given 1 or 2 stars to the broker.

trustpilot review of winsorfx

Scam Advisors

The broker has a score of 67/100 on scam advisors with a bi-line as “This website may be risky.”

Scam advisor for winsorfx

Facebook reviews

There were three reviews on Facebook, and all of them were negative.

facebook review on winsorfx 1

facebook review on winsorfx 2


Wikifx has given the broker a 1.2/10 rating, even though the reviews on the WikiFx website are positive. The rating seems doubtful.

wikifx review on winsorfx reference

Our Ratings

After analysing the broker and reviewing it thoroughly, we would like to give it a rating of 4.2/10. Apart from the non-regulation of the broker and missing account types, the extensive instruments to trade in and different affiliate programmes make the broker a little good to trade with.

For a safe and secure broker, check out Vault Markets.

Customer Support

WinsorFX also provides a live chat feature on its website, allowing customers to partake in real-time conversations with the customer support team. Through these diverse contact options, WinsorFX delivers adequate customer support and strives to ensure a gratifying user experience.

Email Id: [email protected]

Phone Number: +44 7915 608657

Address: Richmond Hill Road, Kingstown, St. Vincent and Grenadines


WinsorFX is an online trading broker presenting a diversified range of financial instruments for traders. Their offerings encompass access to multiple markets, such as Forex, shares, commodities, indices CFDs, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, bond CFDs, and blends.

Nonetheless, it is important to acknowledge the apprehensions revolving around WinsorFX’s regulatory standing. While they assert to be registered and regulated in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, this jurisdiction is acknowledged as a tax haven characterised by less stringent financial regulations.

Furthermore, WinsorFX lacks valid licenses issued by respected financial authorities, raising substantial queries concerning the extent of oversight and investor safeguarding. A licensed broker like Loyal Primus is needed for the safety of your funds.

Hence, traders should approach their engagement with WinsorFX or any unregulated broker with a prudent approach, conducting comprehensive research and due diligence.


Is WinsorFX a broker with regulatory oversight?

WinsorFX operates as an unregulated broker and does not possess a valid license from well-established financial authorities.

What are the ways to get in touch with WinsorFX’s customer support?

To contact WinsorFX’s customer support, you have multiple options: Email [email protected], call them at +44 2080 979 794, or use the live chat feature on their website.

How much do I need to deposit to start an account with WinsorFX?

You can begin with a minimum deposit of $10 when opening an account with WinsorFX.

Which trading platform is available through WinsorFX?

WinsorFX provides access to the widely used CTrader platform in desktop, web, and mobile app versions.

 What spreads does WinsorFX provide?

WinsorFX presents traders with competitive spreads, from a mere 0.6 pips on key currency pairs such as EUR/USD.

 Is forex trading prohibited in India?

Forex trading remains within the bounds of the law, albeit under stringent regulations imposed by SEBI and RBI. Trading is permissible solely with four currency pairs involving the INR as the base or quote currency.

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