Bitcoiva Review Is It A Scam In-Depth Review

Bitcoiva Review 2023: Is It A Scam Or Safe? In-Depth Analysis

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Bitcoiva is one of very few Crypto trading platforms that offer services in India. As with wide popularity among millennials, it has garnered several controversies since its inception in 2020. Today, we will evaluate & analyze this crypto exchange through in-depth Bitcoiva Review 2023 to determine whether it is worth your time and money.

It is a crypto trading platform offering services like spot trading, fiat-to-crypto trading, and crypto-to-crypto trading to traders in India and abroad. This Indian exchange has gained much traction among foreign traders by offering favourable trading conditions.

As expert market watchers, we explored many Crypto exchanges but were a little confused about it. So, we quickly created an account to get a better idea of the platform and deliver the best verdict on the Bitcoiva review 2023. Below is a detailed review, which primarily focuses on Bitcoiva fees, features, platforms, and, most importantly, product offerings.

What Is Bitcoiva?

It is a Cryptocurrency exchange that operates under Bitcoiva LCC, a limited liability company in the US. The exchange was launched in June 2020 and since then, it has left no stone unturned to be listed among the leading and world’s most prominent Crypto exchanges. 

Moreover, the platform is progressing and constantly focuses on increasing trading volumes. The simplicity and functionality of the trading platforms are the primary reasons for their success. The broker offers a platform for buying and selling various crypto assets, including bitcoin luna, BTC, ETH, ADA and USDT SOL.

The exchange’s one-level referral program and investment programs based on staking are something that every crypto trader would appreciate.

Bitcoiva Review 2023: At A Glance

Year Founded 2020
Official Website
Headquarters US
Minimum deposit: 0.0001 
Token BCA
Deposit Method FIAT (INR) &  Crypto (USDT)
Trading Option Fiat to crypto & Crypto to Fiat.

Is Bitcoiva Scam Report For 2023

It is not a scam considering its operating licenses and users’ reviews. While analyzing the exchange through this detailed Bitcoiva review 2023, there was not a single scam-related complaint about the platform on the internet. Here are our other findings:

As the Crypto market is highly unregulated, there is no sense in finding a regulator behind any crypto exchange. However, regulation is just a parameter, not a verdict, to decide whether the platform is a scam or legit. Other things to consider include the exchange’s market reputation, registration, and existing users’ reviews. 

In this series, the exchange’s parent company Bitcoiva LLC is a limited liability company registered in the state of Wyoming with entity identification number 2021-001044882.

Additionally, the exchange has an average market standing, with a rating of 2.9 stars on However, these reviews don’t include any scam-related incidents. 

Henceforth, after deeply analyzing the platform through Bitcoiva Review 2023, we can conclude it to be a legit crypto exchange.  

Bitcoiva Review 2023: Pros And Cons

While writing this detailed Bitcoiva review 2023, we curated a list of a few advantages and disadvantages of trading with the platform. The exchange undoubtedly offers best-in-class services, but there are some drawbacks. 

Pros Cons
You can trade all the popular cryptocurrencies  Accepts only INR as a fiat deposit
No restrictions on trading strategies Demo Account missing
Average Commission and zero deposit fee Relatively a new exchange 
Lucrative referral programs  
Simple ad User-friendly Interface  
Advanced Mobile Trading App for iOS and Android  
Low Transaction fees – 0.20%  
Real Time Quotes   
24/7 Customer support   

Bitcoiva Fee & Commission

The best part of using the platform is its fixed commission charges on trading that don’t depend on the trading volume. 

The maker and taker fee for most cryptocurrencies is fixed at 0.20%. There is no swap fee. Here are the commission charges of the exchange platform are as follows: 

Crypto Trading Pairs Fees
BTC/USDT and BTC/INR 0.25%
For Most Crypto Pairs 1%

Our findings from Bitcoiva Review 2023 reveal that commission charges are slightly higher than the industry average. So, if you’re considering a low-cost exchange, it is a big no for you; instead, you can opt for the other best crypto trading platforms, like Tradeeu, Capitalix and equiity, as they charge the lowest fees with zero commission charges. For the best crypto trading platform look for brokers that are under the watchful eyes of trusted crypto communities like Global Crypto Community or GCC. Bitcoiva can be found on the GCChub.

Fees Commission

Bitcoiva Deposit Methods

The platform allows users to deposit through fiat (INR) and Cryptocurrencies (USDT). The other option includes a wire transfer. 

As it accepts fiat currency deposits, the platform qualifies as an “entry-level exchange,” making it a platform where new crypto traders can start their journey. You can withdraw funds with the same deposit methods.

Bitcoiva Withdrawal Fees

The fees for withdrawing funds vary depending on your chosen method. For BTC withdrawal, there is a minimal amount. The average BTC-withdrawal fee in the market is 0.0006 BTC per BTC-withdrawal. Meanwhile, Exchange charges 0.0007 BTC per BTC withdrawal, which is above the industry average.

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Bitcoiva Review 2023: What Types Of Services Does It Offer?

While exploring the platform, we noticed that the exchange offers four trading services. These services are curated according to the needs of every crypto trader. 

Here’s a list of trading services the platform offers: 

Spot Exchange: 

The most generous service of the Bitcoiva exchange in India is Spot Exchnage which allows traders to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in a few minutes. Additionally, there is no fee for platform users, but nominal commission charges are payable. 

Instant SWAP:

The SWAP platform works exactly like an exchange where traders can instantly buy or sell cryptocurrencies. The buyer and seller on the platform are subject to paying a taker/maker fee. 

Bitcoiva Staking:

The platform offers staking rewards for holding coins to support the network. The guaranteed way to make money.

Peer-To-Peer (P2P):

The platform hasn’t launched yet, so detailed information regarding it is currently unavailable. 

Future Trading:

The platform hasn’t launched yet, so detailed information regarding it is currently unavailable.

Refer and Earn:

If you refer your friend to trade with Bitcoiva, you can earn rewards with every transaction done by them. You will get a 50% reward on each transaction.

Safe and Secure

The platform implements robust security measures to prevent malicious attacks. With the platform, your crypto–assets are stored securely, wallet and infrastructure are highly protected.

Payment Options 

Bitcoiva offers a variety of transaction options, including IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, UPI, etc. Bitcoiva is technology-friendly and allows easy and hassle-free transactions. 

Peer-to-peer Networks

Bitcoiva has introduced peer-to-peer (P2P) trading, allowing you to buy and sell directly with other users, eliminating third-party involvement and reducing the risk of scams.

To trade, simply place an order, pay the seller, and receive your crypto. For selling, the process is reversed.

Bitcoiva offers three types of P2P networks: unstructured, structured, and hybrid. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

Over-the-counter Exchange 

OTC (Over-The-Counter) trading involves direct transactions between users without an intermediary. Before you start OTC trading, keep these points in mind:

  • Verify each trader with a thorough background check.
  • Ensure transactions are secure.
  • Take advantage of instant settlements.

Referral & Affiliate Programs

The platform offers a unique referral program that allows you to earn by referring the platform to your friend or family member. The amount of payments varies on the VIP referral status. There are four tiers, which differ by the following indicators:

  • VIP1 – payments 50%
  • VIP2 – payments 60%
  • VIP3 – payments 70%
  • VIP4 – payments 100%

Bitcoiva BCA Club

Bitcoiva has recently launched a BCA club which you can join to earn benefits like: 

  • Referral Program 
  • 5 Lakh+ followers plan
  • High commission rate 
  • Popularity boost
  • Incentives 
  • Exclusive benefits include business trips, gift hampers and more.

You must have 10 referrals under you to gain access to the membership of this club.

What is Bitcoiva API?

API stands for Application Programing Interface which is available on Bitcoiva to allow users to access currency exchange functions through HTTP requests. You can trade tickers, currency pairs, orderbooks, etc. 

Bitcoiva Review 2023: Supported Cryptocurrencies & Crypto Pairs

Offering a long list of Cryptocurrencies is probably the USP of the platform. The crypto exchange supports 167 Crypto coins and 300+ Crypto trading pairs. It also offers 200+ crypto assets, Rupees 1050+ cr trading volume and has 1 million+ registered users.

Let’s explore the available crypto products in this part of the detailed Bitcoiva Review 2023.

Here’s a list of popular Cryptocurrencies available on the platform: 

  • Bitcoin BTC
  • Ethereum ETH
  • Cardano ADA
  • Tether USDT
  • Binance Coin BNB
  • XRP
  • Solana SOL
  • Polkadot DOT
  • Dogecoin DOGE
  • Avalanche AVAX
  • Terra LUNA
  • Uniswap UNI
  • Algorand ALGO
  • Chainlink LINK
  • Litecoin LTC
  • Bitcoin Cash BCH
  • Polygon MATIC
  • Filecoin FIL
  • Stellar XLM
  • Ethereum Classic ETC
  • VeChain VET
  • Tezos XTZ

List of Supported Pairs


You can use the broker’s crypto calculator to understand and calculate the exchange rates.

What Is Bitcoiva Coin (BCA)?

It is a native token of the exchange. It is a utility token and the backbone of the ecosystem. 

The maximum supply of the BCA is set at 21,000,000, while the circulating supply is not available. At the time of writing, the live BCA price is $12.48 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $317,843. On the other hand, Bitcoiva coin price INR today is Rs. 998. 

How To Create An Account On Bitcoiva? 

Users can create an account by following the instructions below to begin trading with Exchange.

How To Create An Account On Bitcoiva
  • Locate and click on the website’s “Bitcoiva Login/Signup” icon.
  • Now, fill in details like your First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, Email ID, and Password.
  • Enter The Referral Code While Creating Your Account (If you have one). 
  • Submit The Form, and soon, you will receive an activation email.
  • Click on the “Confirm Email” link in the email.
  • After your account is activated, you’ll receive a six-digit One-Time Password (OTP), which you must enter before logging in. You’ll also receive your bitcoiva login credentials.
  • After registering with Bitcoiva, verify your account with KYC details and original ID proof.
  • Now you can deposit your fund amount and start trading.

Bitcoiva App

As most crypto traders believe that trading on a desktop offers the best conditions, the platform offers a larger screen because more of the important data that most traders rely on can be viewed simultaneously on larger screens. 

Bitcoiva Mobile App


Bitcoiva Mobile App

Additionally, it will be simpler to view the trading chart. However, not all crypto traders need desktop computers to conduct trading. Some people prefer to trade cryptocurrencies on their mobile devices. 

It is worth noting that the trading platform is compatible with mobile devices. The app offers similar functionality and features as the desktop version. The app is available for download on the Google Play store. Bitcoiva also supports Apple Store, Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Bitcoiva Review 2023: Customer Support

The platform offers average customer support through various channels. Although customer support is available 24×7, still, the response time is very high. 

Here’s a list of available customer support channels: 

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Bitcoiva Contact Number: 1800 2020 130
  • Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter
  • Bitcoiva Office Address: 1603 Capitol Ave., Ste. 310 Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001 USA

Bitcoiva Lates Features

The broker has added new technological features, including blockchain and altcoins; let’s check the features out: 

Blockchain Technology 

With blockchain technology, you can easily buy and sell currencies using digital money or bank cards and conduct a hassle-free and extra-secure trading experience.


Altcoin or alternative currencies are lesser-known currencies usually promoted by individual platforms and developers. The purpose of using an altcoin is to trade at a lower scale and enjoy trading luxuries that the norm cryptocurrencies do not support.

Bitcoiva Reviews & Users’ Rating

Bitcoiva has an average rating of 2.9 stars from its users. The platform has received mixed feedback.

Final Verdict On Bitcoiva Review 2023

After analyzing the Bitcoiva review 2023, here’s a quick summary – It is a relatively new and forward-thinking platform, providing exchange trading in crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat pairs. 

The commissions are average. The referral program is unique and equally successful. Some platform features don’t yet exist but will soon be available. The exchange’s trading terminal is a standard TradingView, but there are no demo accounts or tailored solutions for new traders. 

As demo accounts are a need of every trader, the unavailability of such a useful tool is quite the biggest drawback of the platform. However, there are some other crypto trading platforms like RCG Markets and Vault Markets that provides free demo trading accounts with a good sum of virtual funds. 


What Is Bitcoiva Market?

The feature offers a platform for viewing the current price of the crypto coins and pairs. Additionally, the platform supports fast, easy, and instant transactions. Additionally, this Indian exchange has gained much traction among foreign traders by offering favourable trading conditions. The features that have added more to its popularity include a user-friendly interface, adequate commission fees, and a long list of Crypto-Crypto trading pairs. 

Is Bitcoiva India or Foreign?

It is a US-based Crypto exchange offering services in spot trading, fiat-to-crypto trading, and crypto-to-crypto trading to traders in India and abroad. 

What Are Bitcoiva Fees?

The platform charges fixed commissions on trading that don’t depend on the trading volume.  The maker and taker fee for most cryptocurrencies is fixed at 0.20%.

Which Is The No 1 Crypto Exchange In India?

Bitcoiva can be said to be the no 1 crypto exchange in India due to its trader-friendly conditions, low fees and reasonable minimum deposit requirements.

What Is The Safest Site To Buy Cryptocurrency In India?

Considering the US license it holds, Bitcoiva can be considered the safest site to buy Cryptocurrency in India.

What Is Bitcoiva Beldex Price INR?

The Bitcoiva Beldex price INR today price is Rs. 3.63. The Beldex INR price is on a downward monthly trajectory as it has decreased by -4.1% from Rs. 4.81 since 1 month (30 days) ago. Read our detailed Bitcoiva review 2023 for more details.

What Is Beldex? 

On the exchange, Beldex is a private coin with a private ecosystem through a dapps that provides utility for the Beldex coin. The Beldex rate in Bitcoiva changes with the market demands; you can learn the latest prices of bdx in Bitcoiva from Coinbase.

What Is Bitcoiva Coin Price INR BDX?

The BDX price is Rs. 3.63. The current Bitcoiva to INR price is ₹941.89.

What Is Bdx To INR Bitcoiva? 

The price of BDX to INR is Rs. 3.63. The current beldex coin rate is on a downward monthly trajectory. Read our detailed Bitcoiva review 2023 for more details.

What Is Bitcoiva 2.0? 

It is a crypto trading platform offering services like spot trading, fiat-to-crypto trading, and crypto-to-crypto trading to traders in India and abroad. The platform supports fast, easy, and instant transactions. 

What Is The Price of Bitcoiva BDX INR?

The BDX/INR is Rs. 3.63. In the last 24 hours, BDX-INR price has decreased by -1.1%.

What Is Bitcoiva Refund Policy?

The platform doesn’t issue any refund or cancellation against successfully fulfilled orders. Once a buyer’s order is fully or partially matched, the transferred amount will be non-reversible. 

On the other hand, the platform has the right to refund the user’s account balance to any Crypto wallet specified by the user and the refund shall be INR.

What Is Bitcoiva BDX Today Price?

The BDX price is Rs. 3.63. The current Bitcoiva to INR price is ₹941.89.

What Is Beldex To INR Bitcoiva Price?

The Beldex to INR price is Rs. 3.63. In the last 24 hours, BDX-INR price has decreased by -1.1%.

What Is Beldex Price In Bitcoiva Exchange?

The Beldex price is Rs. 3.63. The current BCA to INR price is ₹941.89.

What Is Bitcoiva App Download Process?

Users can download the app from both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Who Is Bitcoiva Owner?

The platform is owned and operated by Bitcoiva LLC, a limited liability company registered in the state of Wyoming with entity identification number 2021-001044882.

Bitcoiva Is Safe or Not?

It is absolutely safe to trade with as it holds an operating license, has a physical existence and implements robust security measures on the platform.

Bitcoiva Originated From Which Country?

Bitcoiva is an India-based crypto trading platform.

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