HFTrading Review 2024

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HFTrading Review 2024

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Brokers are the backbone for all traders. They enable you to enter various financial markets and allow you to try your luck. Moreover, good brokerage firms guide you to make profits from your slightest investments.

So, spending time while looking for an appropriate option becomes vital. A legit broker like HFTradig can assist you in the application of trading strategies accurately. As a result, you can gain from every underlying asset. As a result, your trading journey becomes swift and comfortable.

The online financial service provider HFTrading serves those traders who want to turn their dreams into reality through trading. The brokerage company breaks the conventional boundaries to benefit its subscribers. It molds a new trading destination for all its customers.

Its individualized trading is the core of its strength. The website has been designed to meet the requirement of all individuals.

Is HFTrading A Scam: Read Regulations

When HFTrding pops up, every trader knows that the broker is synonymous with excellence, trust, and the best service provider. CTRL investments Limited owns and operates the broker. 

CTRL investments Ltd is incorporated in New Zealand with registration no. 2446590, NZBN 9429031595070. So, it establishes the belief in the mind of traders that their funds are in safe hands. Besides, it also has a registered address where its clients can reach out anytime for clarifications.

Registered Address: Level 13, 1 Albert Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand. Moreover, it also operates in Australia as a foreign company. The company number there is ARBN 152 535 085.

The New Zealand Financial Markets Authority (FMA) licenses and regulates CTRL investments Limited. The FSPR number is FSP 197465. In Australia, Australian Securities and Investments Commission regulates it with AFSL number 414198.

Notably, CTRL is an active FDR (Financial Dispute Resolution Service) in New Zealand, FM 1028. Therefore, if any trader believes that their complaint has not been satisfactorily addressed by the broker, they can reach out to them for resolution and assistance.

More importantly, some of the payment services are offered by HFTrading’s subsidiary Asiago Limited. It holds a registration number in the United Kingdom (12570053). The registered address of Asiago in the UK: Almack House 26-28 King Street, London, England, SW1Y6QW.

Hence, everything that you see with the HFTrading broker is comprehensively transparent. As a result, the broker is completely safe for trading. Hence, it is not a scam broker.

Our recommendation: Trading at HFTrading Review 2024

  • Access the right to trade with a meager USD 250 in deposits
  • Zero commission available for trading
  • A dedicated customer support
  • Hedge on your assets to make profits
  • The margin call is 100 percent


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Advantages and disadvantages of HFTrading Review 2024

  • Highly Regulated and authorized by the FMA
  • 300+ Trading Instruments
  • User-friendly Trading platforms
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Advanced Educational Support
  • Offers Negative Balance Protection
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support


  • MT5 Not Offered

Types of Accounts Offered: 

The broker offers traders a variety of live trading account options, allowing you to select one that aligns with your specific needs, whether you are a novice, an experienced trader, or a seasoned veteran. HFTrading has everything covered that you require as a financial market user.

The broker offers three major accounts, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, to traders for offering their expertise in the invincible financial market.

They all have different features, services, and styles for market players. Furthermore, the broker also provides Islamic accounts tailored to meet the needs of Muslim traders.

Silver Account:

If you are starting your journey in the forex trading market, there’s no account type better than Silver. It stands with beginners forays as the ideal place for entering financial markets.

This trading account brings about the best in a young investor through standard and popular trading platforms for beginner traders.

Top Features: 

  • Dedicated support system
  • No commissions
  • Hedging is available
  • The minimum deposit is USD 250
  • The maximum leverage is USD 1:200
  • Assets available are 300 plus
  • Spreads start from 3
  • Base currencies EUR, AUD, JPY, CAD, NZD, USD, GBP, etc.
  • The standard execution speed is 2000 ms
  • The margin call is 100 percent
  • Stop Out is 15 percent

Gold Account:

The Gold Accounts are for traders who better understand investments and put their funds in the market. The account type was created for slightly experienced traders.

It offers tailor-made services and trading tools that serve the purpose of all users. Moreover, it opens up bigger options for experimentation. Thus, the added opportunities reap the rewards in massive forms.

Top Features:

  • The minimum deposit required for trading is USD 5000
  • You receive dedicated support from the broker
  • The maximum leverage is 1:200
  • Spreads start from 2.5
  • Available assets are more than 300
  • Hedging is there for traders
  • Base currencies are EUR, AUD, JPY, CAD, NZD, USD, GBP, etc.
  • No commission
  • The execution model is STP
  • The average execution speed is 60 ms
  • Account currencies are USD, GBP, AUD, NZD
  • Stop out is 15 percent
  • The margin call is 100 percent

Platinum Account:

The Platinum Account opens the world of the market for all traders. You know when and where to trade and what asset classes to invest in the financial market.

The account type has all the required features for professionals, and the advantages are higher than you can imagine. You receive the best trading condition and environment.

Top Features: 

  • The minimum deposit required is USD 10000
  • No commission
  • Spreads start from 2.1
  • Swap discount is 50 percent
  • The maximum leverage is 1:200
  • Get news alerts regularly
  • Hedging is allowed
  • Base currencies are EUR, AUD, JPY, CAD, NZD, USD, GBP, etc.
  • The average execution speed is 50 ms
  • Webinars and videos are available
  • The fifth decimal facility is there

Note: Additionally, the broker offers one of the best demo accounts in the industry. Through the demo account, you can practice all your strategies and thoughts.

How To Open An Account On HFTrading? 

For stepping into the world of trading, opening an HFTrading account is the first step an enthusiastic trader takes to fulfill their dreams. The account opening process does not cost a dime. 

  • Firstly, visit the official HFTrading website.
  • You are offered a form where you need to mention your name, surname, phone number, email address, and password of your choice. You may be asked for other personal details for substantiating your identity.
  • After filling out all the necessary information, you have to select a method of payment that is suitable for you. Once you’ve selected that, you can make a minimum deposit.
  • Now, you may be asked to provide your documents for verification, including government ids, bank statement and other documentation. Once you get through the phase, you are ready to trade and bid on your favorite assets.

Our recommendation: Trading at HFTrading Review 2024

  • Access the right to trade with a meager USD 250 in deposits
  • Zero commission available for trading
  • A dedicated customer support
  • Hedge on your assets to make profits
  • The margin call is 100 percent


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Available Trading and Financial Instruments:

If a trader wants to diversify their portfolio, there’s no better place than HFTraing. Assets and instruments here let you express yourself as a trader. In addition, the forex broker allows freedom to trade in different markets and on various products.


You can initiate cryptocurrency CFD trading with this broker without incurring any commission fees or hidden charges. The multi-device trading platform they offer can be accessed from various locations, delivering an exceptional trading experience.

The independence and decentralized entity ensure you trade it fearlessly without external interference. The broker allows you CFD trading, which opens several markets for investments. It is getting popular, and traders are finding it captivating for generating good money in a short time.


You can venture into new territory by investing in the commodity market, where you have a wide array of options available, such as sugar, gold, crude oil, and coffee. The broker facilitates CFD trading across various markets and offers diverse approaches to trading different commodities.

The highly functional and multi-asset platform that HFTrading gives helps in determining bigger profits shortly.

You get to set off exciting discoveries while investing in the volatile market of commodities. The liquidity aspect is also noteworthy, as these products are in daily demand and use by the public.

Forex Trading:

The world of forex is available at your fingertips, with more than 45+ forex pairs for trading. The cross-device trading, zero deposits, and exotic to major currency pairs give hope to all traders as they trades in the fluctuating market.

You get access to all major and minor forex pairs like NZD/GBP, NZD/CNY, NZD, USD, and others. The categorization of forex currencies happens as per volumes in the market.

Notably, the forex broker is renowned for its forex trading through its trading accounts. HFTrading offers access to the world of market volatility through its mobile trading app.


You can trade in more than 60 markets, and the superior customer service support is the icing on the cake for traders. You can trade stocks of companies like Google, Air New Zealand, Microsoft, Apple, British Petroleum, Nike, and more through this platform.

CFDs also help a great deal in trading in this financial market. The daily price fluctuations can seek advantages using complex financial derivatives or contracts for difference. You do not have to own the underlying assets in long-term and short-term investments. A thorough analysis is needed.


The fees on deposits are zero, to begin with, on indices. Furthermore, it is considered one of the safest markets for trading, minimizing the risk of losing money during the investment, bidding, or sale of your underlying assets.

You can trade on exchanges like ASX100, Nasdaq, and others. The multiple device platforms help in making the right decisions. The dedicated support makes the journey easy for all market players. You get helped with


Gold, platinum, silver, and trading on other precious metals tell a lot about the integrity of assets. Plus, you always have a chance to get them in the physical form and sell them in the market.

That advantage is bigger than anything one can expect while trading with HFTrading. You get the chance to trade CFDs on them.

Commissions and Spreads:

The online trading platform does not believe in charging commissions from its clients usually. Hence, there are no commission fees applied when depositing or withdrawing funds.

Based on different assets, products, and trading accounts, spreads may vary. For instance, the spreads on DAX trading with the Gold Account are 1.5, while with the Platinum Account, they are 1. However, these spreads are among the lowest in the industry, exceeding expectations and offering greater benefits.

Moreover, spreads should be applicable reasonably on various products, including forex, stocks, commodities, etc.


The leverage with HFTradig is higher than a trader can anticipate. It may vary depending on stocks, indices, forex, and commodities. It can be 1:10 and may increase from there further.

So, investors get plenty of options for accelerating the investments of their will. So, it offers opportunities for experiments to traders. It gives another dimension to the trading style of a novice trader.

Payment Methods: Deposit and Withdrawal

The method of depositing and withdrawing funds is the easiest in HFTrading. You can select options at your will. Payment options available include bank wire transfer, e-wallets, credit cards, and debit cards. Notably, the broker does not impose any deposit fees or withdrawal fees, and there are no commissions charged on trades.

Use this payment method such as Skrill, Neteller, Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, and other options for keeping your funds in the account or withdrawing them when needed as per the requirement.

Providers HFTrading
Futures contracts Flexible Fee
Spreads Begins from 1.8 pips
Deposit and withdrawal  Zero price
Inactivity fees Pay charges after 60 days

Available Trading Platforms:

The trading firm provides some of the finest trading platforms for both clients and more advanced traders. An HFTrading platform helps retail traders.

You can apply a trading strategy with one of the finest mobile trading apps. It stops you from losing money rapidly during investments.

The investment firm offers three trading platforms: WebTrader, Mobile app and MetaTrader4.


Gain access to a wide range of markets in the most user-friendly manner using the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

Top Features:

  • Free Trading & Analytical Tools
  • Interactive chart
  • 30+ Technical Indicators
  • Highly customizable and suitable for Expert Advisors or EAs
  • Advanced Charting Tools
  • Best for Trading CFDs and Forex trading
  • Easy navigation and user-friendly interface
  • Multiple executions and order types
  • Compatible on any browser, Android and iOS.


This forex broker’s Webtrader trading platform is equipped to deliver the most comfortable and exceptional trading experience to its clients.

Advanced Features:-

  • Striking performance and execution speed
  • Secured and transparent data
  • Account histories help in trading
  • Handy charts and analytics 
  • Best for Trading CFDs
  • Enhanced trading experience

Company Details


  • Metals
  • Forex 45+
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies 26+
  • Commodities 17+



  • Country: New Zealand
  • Registration number: 12570053
  • Regulations: AFSL,


Customer Service

  • Live Chat Support
  • Phone number:+64 48895407


Our recommendation: Trading at HFTrading Review 2024

  • Access the right to trade with a meager USD 250 in deposits
  • Zero commission available for trading
  • A dedicated customer support
  • Hedge on your assets to make profits
  • The margin call is 100 percent


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Mobile App

HFTrading Mobile trading platform is the world’s biggest invention for advanced traders. They stay connected to the financial markets even when they are not at their desktop or laptop.

A click from their mobile device takes care of all investments meticulously. That’s also the idea of the technological process that the HFTrading platform exhibits through it.

Furthermore, the features available in the mobile trading apps are comparable to or superior to those found on other online brokers. You can easily download the app from the App Store or Android Play Store. It is user-friendly and comes with helpful resources. Therefore, if you encounter any difficulties, accessing customer support is even more convenient for you. This highlights the advantage of entering the market through the app, where you can apply various strategies, utilize techniques, and focus on your preferred instruments and products.

  • Technologically advanced terminals for trading
  • In-platform price alerts to investors
  • Live chat option available
  • One tap account switching 
  • Multiple chart windows are available for market players
  • Instant Access to financial markets
  • Real-time balance level
  • Receive updates regularly on changing market conditions
  • Nine timeframes available
  • Technical indicators are there

Education and Research Resources:

Educational Resources: The educational resources are worth winning hearts on HFTrading. The forex and CFD broker knows about your needs. So, it has customized different articles, educational webinars, tutorials, ebooks, and courses that can pitch you the best helping hand around.

You can find helpful articles on different assets and domains, including commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, indices, and forex. Using them appropriately is in your hands. Make sure to learn all the risks involved in trading. 

Research Tools: The brokerage company offers economic calendars, trading signals, and earnings season calendars, an economic calendar for research purposes. You can put yourself through them and decide when and where to invest.

In addition, they assist in coming up with a strategy that can earn you desired wealth. The forex broker doesn’t constitute financial advice. 

Customer Support:

Customer service support is right around the corner if you have any complaints with the HFTradng website and need redressal for your issues. Reaching out to executives is simple as it can get. HFTrading customers can contact them in the following ways:-

Moreover, you can message them in the message box and write all your queries mentioning important details like name and email id.


After going through this detailed HFTrading review, here’s a quick summary – The broker has won several awards, and it is among the favorite of hundreds of thousands of traders. From customer support to the diverse range of products offered, everything provided by this forex and CFD broker is designed to help clients expand their trading horizons.

The brokerage firm is highly transparent and safe for all traders. So, they can trade without hesitation. The platforms and account types helps reaching you to the aim.

It offers a segregated bank account to users. It is one of the finest forex brokers. Overall, HFTrading is a leading CFD and forex broker.


At Trending Brokers, our aim is to provide you with diverse perspectives, unbiased assessments, and in-depth scrutiny. We maintain our commitment to precision through stringent data validation and consultations with industry mavens. It’s important to acknowledge that, though infrequent, minor fluctuations may occasionally manifest. Rest assured, our resolve to deliver impartial evaluations, thorough analysis, and well-informed viewpoints remains steadfast.

We feel compelled to offer some guidance on the subject of investing in financial instruments, commodities, and assorted assets, which inherently entail a significant degree of risk. There exists the potential for a complete loss of your invested capital. We strongly advise engaging in such ventures only if you possess a comprehensive understanding of the associated hazards. Please bear in mind that Trending Brokers refrains from providing investment advice or any semblance of financial counsel.

Your financial security is of paramount importance to us, and we emphatically advocate for the exercise of due diligence and the pursuit of professional guidance when making investment decisions.

The broker is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and has the best retail investor accounts. Thus, it is a legit broker. Moreover, its trading platform and investment advice are immaculate for both beginner and advanced traders.

It is a licensed broker and you do not lose money while trading underlying asset with it. Moreover, it offers secure trading through SSL, regulated by the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority. For more information, you can read the in-depth HFTrading review from above.

Yes, the broker is the best for trading. It also offers an Islamic account. It helps you through your trading history.

Indeed, as a trader, you have access to a variety of technical analysis tools that can greatly enhance your trading experience. For more information, you can read the in-depth HFTrading review from above.

No, the online trading platform does not impose any hidden fees. For further details, you can refer to the comprehensive HFTrading review provided above.