Elland Road Capital Review

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Elland Road Capital Review

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Elland Road Capital




Located in South Africa, Elland Road Capital is a broker that provides FX and CFD trading on several markets, including shares, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) and FSP oversee the broker’s activities.

Leverage ratios up to 1:400 are available. A demo account is available through Elland Road Capital. In order to test their trading techniques and use the platform’s capabilities, traders receive a fictitious $10,000 on their demo account.

EUR and USD are considered base currencies. The broker also provides 24/7 customer service in 19 different languages. Both a MetaTrader 4 (MT4) download and a custom web-based platform are available for the Elland Road Capital trading platform. Additionally, the company offers MT4 mobile trading.

Trading cryptocurrency CFDs is possible with Elland Road Capital. The broker offers BTC/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD, and XRP/USD pairs. Moreover, the broker provides a variety of trading accounts, catering to traders with different levels of experience.

Is Elland Road Regulated?

Yes, Elland Road is regulated and authorized to offer financial services in South Africa. The broker is overseen by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. They have implemented necessary security measures to protect the safety of your personal information and funds.

Furthermore, the broker provides negative balance protection, which prevents traders from losing more money than they initially invested. This feature is particularly important for new traders who are still learning to manage risks effectively.

In addition, the broker maintains segregated bank accounts to keep client funds separate from their operating funds. This serves as an additional safety measure. In the event of the broker’s bankruptcy, your money is safeguarded.

Deposit Methods and Minimum Requirements

Compared to other brokers in the sector, Elland Road Capital has a minimum deposit requirement of $250. You can finance your account using various methods such as APMs, Wire Transfers, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards.

Fund Withdrawal methods

They will process your request for a withdrawal within 3-5 business days, which is a quite quick turnaround time. No deposit fees are additionally assessed by the broker, irrespective of the method used to fund your account.On the other hand, depending on the withdrawal method, traders must pay a different cost. The same mode of withdrawal as your method of deposit should be used.

The broker charges a flat cost of $30 for wire transfers, which are the most popular way for traders to withdraw their money. Additionally, there is a 3.5% fee for using a credit card, debit card, prepaid card, or an e-wallet.

Method Applicable fee
  • Credit Card  
  • Debit Card 
  • Prepaid Card 
  • Ewallets
          Wire transfer 30 USD

30 EUR

Because the broker utilizes state-of-the-art 128-bit SSL encryption, all of your personal and financial information is securely protected. This applies to both deposit and withdrawal methods, ensuring a high level of security.

Furthermore, traders can have peace of mind regarding the security of their capital, as Elland Road Capital keeps their funds in segregated accounts with top-tier banks. This provides an additional layer of security for traders’ funds.

Our recommendation: Trading at Elland Road Capital Review

  • Access to Free Demo Account
  • 24×5 Superior Customer Support
  • Lower & Competitive Fees
  • Advanced Trading Platforms
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Advantages and disadvantages of Elland Road Capital Review

  • Low minimum deposit
  • Quick and easy to register
  • Regulated broker
  • Good range of assets
  • Multiple platform support
  • Not available to the traders in the US. 
  • Only offer variable spread accounts

Account Types Elland Road

  • Classic

Elland Road Capital’s entry-level account, the Classic account, demands a $250 minimum deposit. With this account, you can trade any instrument with spreads starting at 2.5 pips and leverage up to 1:400. The stop out is 20%, while the margin call is 100%. The minimum and maximum volume per trade are 0.01 and 50 respectively. Additionally, the Classic account offers negative balance protection.

  • Silver

All of the features available in the Classic account are also available in Silver, the second account. Silver accounts need a $250 minimum deposit and have a 1:400 maximum leverage ratio. The Silver account offers traders access to all products with spreads starting at 2.5 pips.

  • Gold

The level after the Classic account is the Gold account. You get all the advantages of the Classic account with this one, plus some extra perks. With this account, you can trade with swaps discounts and receive a monthly comprehensive account review. You also get swap discount periods, and spreads start at 1.8 pips.

  • VIP

The best account Elland Road Capital has to offer is the VIP account. Spreads begin at just 09 pip, making it the most affordable account offered. Additionally, you get access to all the benefits of the other accounts, such as protection against negative balances, the ability to trade with leverage up to 1:400, and more. A dedicated account manager is another benefit of the VIP account.

Our recommendation: Trading at Elland Road Capital Review

  • Access to Free Demo Account
  • 24×5 Superior Customer Support
  • Lower & Competitive Fees
  • Advanced Trading Platforms
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What can be Traded on Elland Road?

The broker offers a diverse range of trading markets, including Forex, futures on cryptocurrencies, commodities, shares, and indices. Let’s take a closer look at each market that can be traded on Elland Road Capital:


On the broker’s platform, you have access to over 50 currency pairs for trading. The most commonly traded pairs include USD/JPY, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, and EUR/USD. With leverage of up to 1:400, you can take advantage of increased trading power. Tight spreads starting at 0.9 pips contribute to efficient Forex trading, along with quick order processing.

Trading Forex is made easy with the availability of MT4 and the broker’s custom web-based trading platform. For traders who prefer to trade on the go, the broker also offers MT4 mobile trading apps. Overall, Elland Road Capital provides excellent trading opportunities for Forex traders.

Cryptocurrencies Futures:

The broker offers trading in Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin through cryptocurrency futures. Traders have the opportunity to increase their potential gains by utilizing leverage of up to 1:2. Cryptocurrency futures are appealing products due to their significant volatility.

By trading cryptocurrency futures, you can profit from both rising and falling markets. The broker’s platform is user-friendly, making it easy to execute trades. Additionally, you can manage your positions and control risk through the use of stop-loss and take-profit orders.


The broker allows trading in a variety of commodities, including energy commodities like crude oil and natural gas, as well as precious metals like gold and silver. The availability of taking long or short positions in the market makes commodity futures attractive to traders.

With commodities futures, you can trade with leverage of up to 1:100 and benefit from low commission fees of just $0.14. The Elland platform is widely utilized for commodity trading due to its user-friendly interface and the competitive trading environment it provides.


The broker offers over 160 CFD assets from well-known corporations such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon for trading. Traders can take advantage of leverage of up to 1:20 and benefit from small spreads as low as 0.1 pip.

With the user-friendly CFD trading platform, placing trades on shares is effortless. Additionally, you can trade shares on the go using MT4 mobile trading. Overall, the broker provides an excellent trading environment for share CFD traders.


Traders have the opportunity to trade CFDs on major indices such as the S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, and Dow Jones 30. Indices are popular among traders as they allow speculation on the overall market performance.

Indices trading is highly popular on the Elland platform due to the market’s high liquidity and the availability of tight spreads starting at 0.9 pip. Traders can also utilize leverage of up to 1:100 when trading indices.

In conclusion, the broker offers a wide range of trading markets, including equities, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and currencies. The platform is user-friendly, and the trading conditions are favorable for clients.

Trading Platforms

The MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform and a custom trading platform are both provided by Elland Road Capital. One of the most popular forex trading platforms in the world, the MT4 platform is renowned for its user-friendliness and sophisticated features. 

A web-based platform known as the proprietary platform was created especially for customers of Elland Road Capital. Its user-friendly design and wealth of tools make trading simple and effective. Let’s examine each trading platform in greater detail:

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is a tough competitor when it comes to trading. It is one of the most widely used forex trading platforms worldwide and is well known for its precision and cutting-edge features.

You can download and set up the desktop trading platform MetaTrader 4 on your PC. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Additionally, traders can access MetaTrader 4 through websites or mobile apps.

The desktop platform is the most complete and sophisticated one that MetaQuotes Software provides. It offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Advanced charting tools

Trades can be conducted using a variety of charting tools provided by MetaTrader 4. Trading professionals use charting tools to find trends, levels of support and resistance, and potential entry and exit points. Multiple timeframes, advanced chart types, and more than 50 integrated technical indicators are just a few of the sophisticated charting capabilities provided by MetaTrader 4. 

Additionally, these tools allow traders to design and test their own expert advisors (EAs) and custom indicators.

  • A wide range of technical indicators

Trading decisions are aided by technical indicators that assist traders spot trends. More than 50 technical indicators are already included in MetaTrader 4 and may be utilised to do technical analysis.

Moving averages, Bollinger Bands, MACD, RSI, and other well-known indicators are some of those that may be found on MetaTrader 4. Additionally, traders can construct custom indicators and alter these indicators to suit their tastes.

  • Advanced trading orders

A broad variety of advanced trading orders are available in MetaTrader 4, giving users complete control over their trading. These orders allow traders to limit their losses by allowing them to establish stop-loss and take-profit levels.

Trailing stops, limit orders, and pending orders are a few of the advanced trading orders that MetaTrader 4 offers. Hedge orders are another tool that traders can employ to protect their positions.

  • Highly customizable interface

The user-friendly design of MetaTrader 4 can be completely altered to suit their needs. The platform can be altered by traders to fit their specific demands and trading preferences.

The design of the user interface, the colour scheme, the font size, and other features can all be altered on MetaTrader 4. Additionally, traders can design their own unique EAs and indicators.

  • Real-time push notifications

Real-time push notifications provided by MetaTrader 4 enable traders to be informed of the most recent market news and developments. Traders can receive news and updates from both MetaQuotes and outside sources with the use of these notifications.

Additionally, traders can configure price alerts to notify them when a specific price is reached.


The exclusive platform is a web-based platform created especially for Elland Road Capital customers. It contains features that make trading simple and effective as well as a user-friendly interface. The Elland platform’s essential components include the following:

  • Access all 160+ available CFDs

You get access to all the CFDs that Elland Road Capital offers for trading through the site. This covers currency exchange, virtual currencies, goods, stocks, and indexes. With such a large variety of assets, you can locate the ideal trading opportunity.

  • Free trading analysis tools

You can utilise the platform’s variety of free trading analysis tools to guide your trading decisions. These resources include charts, technical indicators, and other things. You may perform technical analysis and look for trade opportunities using these tools. These resources are precise and simple to utilise.

  • Three clicks transactions

With just a few clicks, you may complete transactions using the platform. You can trade easily and conveniently as a result of this. Additionally, it’s simple to navigate and find the functions you require thanks to the user-friendly layout.

  • Stop loss and take profit calculators

You can use the platform’s stop loss and take profit calculators to help you determine the appropriate levels for your trades. You can ensure the success of your trades by using these calculations.

  • Record of transactions 

All of your transactions are recorded on the platform so you can monitor your progress. This is a useful feature because it enables you to assess your performance and identify areas for improvement.

Company Details


  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stocks
  • Indices


  • Country: South Africa
  • License:  52127
  • Regulation: FSCA

Customer Service

Telephone Number – +27101572581

Email Id- [email protected]

Our recommendation: Trading at Elland Road Capital Review

  • Access to Free Demo Account
  • 24×5 Superior Customer Support
  • Lower & Competitive Fees
  • Advanced Trading Platforms
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Customer Support

Elland Road Capital offers 19 different languages of customer service around the clock. By phone, email, or live chat, you can contact customer service. According to our review, the broker’s customer care staff responds quickly and with great responsiveness.


 Elland Road Capital provides a broad selection of tradable assets, such as forex, cryptocurrency futures, commodities, shares, and indexes. The broker offers leverage of up to 1:400 and is governed by the FSCA.

Elland Road Capital also provides four different account kinds, each with its own advantages and features. With the option to trade on MT4 as well as a custom trading platform, the platform offers considerable flexibility.

All things considered, Elland Road Capital is a wise alternative for anyone looking for a new broker with a variety of features and advantages.


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Yes, Elland Road Capital is a regulated broker. It is overseen by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) and the Financial Services Provider (FSP) in South Africa.

Elland Road Capital offers both the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform and a custom web-based trading platform. The MT4 platform is renowned for its user-friendliness and advanced features, while the custom web-based platform provides a user-friendly interface and a range of tools for effective trading.

Elland Road Capital accepts various deposit methods, including APMs, Wire Transfers, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards. The minimum deposit requirement with Elland Road Capital is $250.

 Elland Road Capital typically processes withdrawal requests within 3-5 business days, providing a relatively quick turnaround time.