India’s Forex Reserves Declined by $462 Million: RBI

India's forex reserves drop

India’s forex reserves decreased by $462 million to $590.32 billion in the week ending November 10, in keeping with the latest facts launched with the aid of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Friday. In the preceding week, ending November 3, the reserves showed an increase of $4.67 billion, achieving $590.78 billion.

In October 2021, India’s foreign exchange reserves had reached a record high of USD 645 billion. However, the reserves have declined because the primary financial institution utilises the reserves to guard the rupee against pressures frequently arising from global tendencies. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) employs various measures, along with occasional greenback income, as a part of liquidity management to prevent a giant depreciation of the rupee.

The foreign currency assets, whilst expressed in dollar terms, account for the impact of the fluctuation in the fee of non-US currencies like the euro, pound, and yen held within the foreign exchange reserves. According to the RBI, gold reserves experienced a decrease of USD 608 million, reaching USD 45.515 billion throughout the week.

The Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) recorded an increase of USD 36 million, accomplishing USD 18.011 billion, using the significant financial institution. India’s reserve role with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) noticed an upward thrust of USD 3 million to USD 4.791 billion within the reporting week, as indicated via the provided data.

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