Etherscan Expands with Solscan Acquisition

Etherscan Expands with Solscan Acquisition

Etherscan, a blockchain-based Ethereum explorer company, announced the acquisition of Solana to expand its networks. Their CEO, Mathew Tan, confirmed their decision and expressed trust in Solana’s services – looking forward to adapting to the blockchain ecosystem by 2024.

Wednesday, January 3rd – Etherscan, the company responsible for developing Ethereum’s blockchain-based explorer, announced on January 3rd that they had acquired Solscan – a prominent Solana blockchain explorer, to expand their services across more networks. Solscan began operating in 2021, serving over 3 million monthly users and amassing 23,000 members since.

Etherscan plans to continue providing blockchain data relatively after its acquisition and is excited about adding new features across its exploration tools. Etherscan’s CEO, Matthew Tan, expressed confidence in Solscan’s ability to make blockchain information more easily accessible.

Solana’s acquisition comes when its currency, SOL, is experiencing an incredible surge in market capitalisation, nearly overshadowing both BNB and XRP on the Binance Chain.

Industry analysts speculate that Solana could emerge as a rival to Ethereum given that Solana briefly overtook Ethereum when measured against decentralised exchange trading figures in December and also managed to surpass it globally on Google searches during this same timeframe. Etherscan will quickly adapt to changes in 2024 as part of an ever-evolving blockchain ecosystem.


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