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Top 10 Penny Stocks You should Buy for Long Term in the UK

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Famous and well- established companies have also vended their share in 1 ERO in the history. Investors or individualities who invested in these companies will subdue to remarkable profitability.

For illustration, JD Sports, Ford, and Monster Beverage are the leading names of the UK request and were also started with penny stocks in the exchange request.

In this composition, we talk about penny stocks and whether they’re profitable for you or not. Then you also get a list of the top 10 Penny stocks which you can buy in the UK for long- term investment.

What are Penny Stocks? 

Penny stocks or penny shares are the fiscal instrument or shares of small companies which trade in lower than 1 EUR on the London Stock Exchange.

In the western markets such as USA, Penny stocks are usually the shares of small public companies that trade for less than one dollar per share.

In other words, penny stocks stand for lower stock price of companies that are new in the market. Investment in these stocks consists of a higher risk of fluctuation. 

Typically, the trading volume in penny stocks are very low, with few buyers or market makers. Many penny stocks have no track record and it is uncommon for them to have no assets.

These stocks are priced over-the-counter, rather than on the trading floor. The trading platforms may charge fees for investing in penny stocks via them.

The companies file financial statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission. However, companies listed on the pink sheets are not required to file with the SEC.

As per the UK exchange market guidelines, penny stocks’ value is under 1 EUR. They should be stretched to cover company’s share price upon the guidelines costs.

In the United States, the SEC and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) have specific rules and regulation to define and regulate the sale of penny stocks.

The penny stock reform act sought to clamp down on fraud in non-exchange-listed stocks priced below $5 that generally trade over-the-counter.

Typically, Penny stock may also consist of some qualities such as they are highly volatile and have chances of significant growth.

They have considered high-risk penny stock but their possibilities of outstanding growth are also high with low prices.

Because the targets of these penny stock companies are the growth of a business, for enhancing income, services, and production. 

The companies whose stocks trade in the OTC request are subject to lower rigorous reporting conditions than those included in the NYSE and Nasdaq.

When considering penny stocks, most investors and experts in the field recognize the low market price of shares, past performance and its correlation to low market capitalization.

People who are searching the best penny stock for long-term investment in the UK stocks exchange must read this article till the end.

Here we provide the best penny stocks on the London stock exchange. Many Penny stocks are low cost efficient and provide remarkable growth chances.

Some penny shares may also trade in the big stock markets like Main trade will take place through OVER-THE-COUNTER (OTC market), NEWYORK STOCK EXCHANGE (NYSE), and trade via OTC BULLETIN BOARD (OTCBB). 

The liquidity offered on these main exchanges is also better than the OTC market.

Penny Stock Frauds:

Scammers uses high-pressure sales tactics to exploit naive buyers who are unfamiliar with markets. They dupe investor into buying penny stock, then wrong information provided by them inflates the price and attract in more unwitting buyers—that’s the pump part.

Once the price rises high enough, the fraudsters sell off all of their shares—that’s the “dump” part and investors falls into scams.

Top 10 Penny Stocks of UK Stocks Exchange

PetroNeft Resource Plc 

PetroNeft Resources Plc is a multinational gas and oil exploration production firm in Russia. Its stocks are registered on the Dublin ESM Markets, and The London AIM. It consists of two licenses of gas and oil. 

It got its first license 61 which is registered to cover and generate oil and gas under an area of 4991 Km2 and the other one License 67 which consists of permission to explore an area of 2447 Km2.

Around 2021 April, PetroNeft changed nearly $2.9 million of its income into assets and published nearly 126 million new stocks in the market. 


Robinhood is Menlo Park, California-based American financial services firm Around 2015, Robinhood launched an application providing zero commission trading of exchange-traded funds and penny stocks.

It may also launch an instant deposit minimum of $1000 in the past; it takes 3 days to transfer funds through ACH transactions funding.

It may also introduce a “surcharge subscription” which provides till $5000 deposit in zero minutes. It controls only ETS and trading stocks registered in NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE (NYSE) and NASDAQ. 

It launched a wishlist on January 25, 2018, for zero commission cryptocurrency trading. Robinhood started providing trade of Ethereum and Bitcoin to their clients in California, Missouri, Massachusetts in 2018 February.

At the time of the 2020 stock market smash, Robinhood trading enhanced. The share market increase was partly issued to Robinhood traders because of the stock market’s rise in trade. In 2020 Robinhood users increased up to 13 million. 

Macfarlane Group 

Macfarlane Group PLC is Glasgow, Scotland-based packaging and label penny stock company. It is one of the top companies registered on the London Stock Exchange which allows it to participate in penny stock.

This company holds ownership of 33UKs sites which is 1 in Sweden and 1 in Ireland. Packaging and Manufacturing distribution are the two divisions of the company. 


Ebiquity is an irregular media and marketing consultancy. Worldwide it handles 18 headquarters in London, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Sydney, and Singapore.

The prime target of the firm is to enhance the prodigal media expenditure and enhance the efficiency of entire investment by looking towards data analytics at the time of consulting with traders. 

The company reports that it holds the complete view of the universal media market as per determining $55 billion on media investment from 75 markets and $ 40 billion on audits contract annual value. 

Oilex Limited 

In 2003, Oilex was launched in the market. It was Australia based But it may also register in London AIM in 2006.

The company says that Oilex’s strategy which utilizes its huge commercial and technical expertise to inspect, develop, and apprise irregular petroleum resources are all around the Indian Ocean Rim to generate the energy required in the section. 

Approx 2021 the authority declared that the company is putting efforts into earnings Gujarat State petroleum agency in the PSC (Cambay Production Sharing Contract ).

Mobilityone Limited

Mobilityone Limited is an e-commerce company with payment platforms and solutions situated in Malaysia.

The company was included in jersey and registered on the LES’s AIM in 2007 mid. The traders of various operators from multiple industries and transportation service brokers, financial institutions, hypermarkets, transactional technology, and retailers need payment.

The company’s technology solutions will be introduced through the name MoCS & ABOSSE. Its subsidiaries involve MobilityOne Sdn. Bhd. and Netoss Sdn. Bhd. 


ADVFN is a worldwide cryptocurrency, penny stock, and forex intelligence online site, offering detailed current-time live streaming costs from AIM & LSE stocks.

The firm was founded in the United Kingdom and registered on London Stock Exchange’s AIM. 

ADVFN received a North American Online investment community online portal, in Sept 2006. It may also buy other three brand-new qualifiers in 2009 July Like ALLIPO, an Online IPO online trading platform, and two stockbrokers. 

Zephyr Energy

Zephyr Energy is situated in the Rocky Mountain Region of the US. It is a Natural Gas and Oil investment platform. The firm develops return through the stressed less small-cap US gas and oil region via the technical-led help. 

It consists of a highly experienced team along with the data such as turnarounds, exits, and successful energy region acquisitions.

The firm directors made an investment of their own capital into Zephyr which says our affiliates and board together purchased more than 12.5% of the firm’s remarkable shares.

The company acquisitions should be calculated through their effect on corporate cash flow in the place of well-level production and IRRs volumes. 

Quantum Blockchain Technology

In Past, the quantum Blockchain Technology was known as leisure PLC but then it was changed into Quantum Blockchain Technology in May 2007.

The company is a tourism sector and later it will change into a strategic technology development firm based on shareholders’ decisions. 

From the long term, the firm was working as the future generation in research to convert into blockchain, cryptocurrencies, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence. 

Comptoir Group

Comptoir Group is the most popular restaurant providing menus targeted at Lebanese dishes and Eastern Mediterranean. On 2016, June 21, the firm entered the AIM market.

They are the owners of shawa Brand and offer warranted opportunities in the United Kingdom. To manage the lockdown conditions in a pandemic, the firm took effective decisions which involved the postponement of unnecessary expenditures.

Penny Stocks example

Penny stocks trade in the United Kingdom similar to any other trading market. At the time of trading penny stocks, you have two options: either you can purchase or go long term or you can sell or stay with short term. you can take advantage in both situations.

The buying and selling options allow the traders to participate in both phases of the market which enhances the potential opportunities accessible in the penny stock exchange.

For an instance, Petra Diamonds of the UK penny stock registered on the London stock exchange. Approx in March 2020, the brand was traded nearly 1.20p along with a market cap of a minimal 10.4m EUR.

Around three months before, Petra Diamonds was traded approx 9.40p which is approximately a 90% high. 

However, there will be huge profit-earning during investing in penny stocks. On the other hand, it may also consist of risks of losing an efficient portion of the trader’s investment in the short term.

Take-profit orders and stop-loss orders are both used for handling risks to restrict trader’s total loss and gain profit through an automated source. 

In case that the costs of Petra Diamond will enhance in the future, you will decide to buy stock or want to buy shares and go long-term.

Due to low stock costs, if the future results of the firm are good, traders will earn a large reward. Therefore the stocks losing large amounts and stagnant are the possibilities of the penny stock market. 

The trading platform of Penny stocks 

In the case of CFD trading, penny stock investors can control and trade their likely financial assets worldwide through a single streamlined platform.

The process involves investor purchase shares, additionally most penny stocks in the UK and other penny stocks via international financial markets for example the US. 

There are various spread betting and CFD mobile applications available on the internet that helps you to trade penny stocks on the live account, from all over the world.

Such as for Android, iPad, iPhone various mobile trading applications with complete order ticket functionality and modern technology mobile applications with order ticket functionality and modern charting are available in the market for making your trading easy.

Traders must note that trading consists of high risks of losing money due to aggressive decisions. 

How to begin trading penny stocks? 

An online trading account will offer you a better opportunity to trend on the costs of penny stocks. Various brokers are available in the market which provides attractive offers to their clients.

They also give you a rally account for rehearsing strategies so that you can produce a threat-free terrain on a live trading platform. Then are some top brokers who give the stylish trading experience to their guests similar as finance.

All these brokers are the best providers of financial trading. They all consist of advanced trading tools such as chart which enhance the client’s trading experience. 


After reviewing the whole article, here what we found in our investigation:

Penny stocks are the best options to begin trading in the stock market. This article will provide complete details about top penny stocks and how do penny stock trade work.

Some of the best and recommend brokerage platforms are ETFinance Tradedwell, Investlite, PrimeFin, TradeATF, ROinvesting, 101investing, and Brokereo. All these brokers are well regulated and adhere to financial bodies terms and regulations. They provide you a platform to buy or sell shares.

If you are planing buying penny stocks, here we explain the top 10 penny stocks to buy in the UK.

Penny stocks are good for starting trading in the stock market because of their low cost share prices and low-risk rate.

Read this complete article to collect details about the Top 10 penny stocks to trade in the major exchanges or major stock exchanges.

But remember to enter the market on your own risk. Before investing, the first step is to determine the maximum dollars amount that you’re willing to lose and understanding the market trends.

Figure out how much money you can afford to lose and then limit yourself to investing that amount. If you’d like to invest in stocks but you only have a small amount of money, learn about fractional shares through articles or you can practice trading using demo accounts.

Before investing, considering all these factors is so important to get success and avoid making silly mistakes in stock markets.

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