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Intelligence Prime Capital: Fraud Detected!!

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The Intelligence Prime Capital broker is said to be founded in Canada in 2021. It is run by Intelligence Prime Capital Ltd, serving clients in the US. However, despite expectations of high security and regulatory compliance, this broker shows several weaknesses and warning signs. The broker is said to be closed due to various illegal activities.

To understand why trust issues arise with this broker, take a closer look at this thorough Intelligence Prime Capital review.

What is Intelligence Prime Capital?

Intelligence Prime Capital, a forex and CFD broker, has garnered attention in the online trading community due to its lack of regulation, questionable practices, and numerous negative reviews.

The establishment of the broker is unclear, and the broker claimed to be based in Ireland, but it is not true. The broker is not regulated by any authority and this shows a big red flag. The deposits and withdrawal methods are unclear and there have been widespread reports of withdrawal.

They provide fake registration details and a bogus address. Despite claiming to have established Intelligence Prime Capital in 2006, the company actually came into existence in June 2021. The identities of their CEO and COO are fabricated, with the roles played by paid actors. Additionally, they offer an unsustainable return on investment of up to 45% per month.

Is Intelligence Prime Capital Legit?

The broker’s website can be considered fraudulent, as it uses a free WordPress platform and lacks basic user experience features. The website claims that Intelligence Prime Capital is a Fintech Company registered in Canada and regulated by FINTRAC with registration number MSB registration number M21080237. You should go for brokers that are highly regulated such as FXRoad.

Eventhough it claims the regulation, the broker lacks a proper regulation. Under the guise of being based in Ireland, Intelligence Prime Capital Ltd. (Ireland / Canada) ( (now defunct) conducted business as an investment firm.

The company was an illegal player in the securities market, operating from a virtual address, and it plagiarised content from another forex broker’s website for its own.

Account Types at Intelligence Prime Capital

The broker claims to offer an AI Analysis and Trading system. IPC prefers three types of AIA Bot systems. For different types of accounts and more benefits, look for TradeEu Global.

Intelligence Prime Capital account types

IPC also prefers AIA Bot System Subscription. These are:

Intelligence prime capital AIA Bot System Subscription

Trading Platform at Intelligence Prime Capital

The company’s website is currently inactive or suspended, making it difficult to access the trading platform. There are doubts about the credibility of their claims to offer MT4, web trader, and automated options, particularly given their misleading statements about licensing.

MetaTrader is known as one of the most efficient software options, suitable for all traders. It provides a diverse range of trading tools, indicators, and features, including social and copy trading, and it’s accessible on various mobile devices.

On the other hand, the broker claims to offer automated systems and IPCloud. They state that the automated system has a 97% accuracy rate. However, it’s important to note that this broker lacks regulation, which raises doubts about the accuracy of all their statements.

How can you register at IPC?

The Intelligence prime capital website lacks a registration option.

intelligence prime capital register link

Although there is a link at the bottom of the site to register, it leads to an Error 1016 page.

intelligence prime capital website error

Pros and Cons at IPC

Let’s now look at the pros and cons of the IPC.With the above information we can only say that, we didn’t find any advantage of the broker.

N/A No proper regulation
No financial stability
No customer support on the website


Intelligence Prime Capital is not a reliable broker and has been in the limelight for major crimes in finance. You should always choose a broker that is reliable and trustworthy. Look for its official website, the interface tells you things you really want to know.

Before investing your money in any kind of broker, make sure they are not a fraud, read reviews of the broker or you can also come to our website, as we review brokers unbiasedly.


Is Intelligence Prime Capital genuine?

No, IPC is not a genuine broker, as it is not regulated by any authority and has faced various consequences for the frauds it has committed.

When was Intelligence Prime Capital established?

IPC was established in 2021, but it makes fake claims of being established in 2006.

Where is the Intelligence Prime Capital located?

The company is said to be located in Ireland, but some people claim that it is located in Canada.

Can I register with Intelligence Prime Capital?

You cannot register with IPS, as the link on the website takes you to an error page.

Does Intelligence Prime Capital offer an AIA Bot system subscription?

Yes, the broker offered an AIA Bot system subscription.

Is Intelligence Prime Capital still available?

No, IPC has gone dormant.

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