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How to buy Tesla stocks? Best Guide 2021

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What is Tesla? How to buy Tesla stocks? Is it profitable to invest in Tesla stocks? Tesla has been into electric cars and clean energy manufacturing; the company designs fascinating vehicles, battery storage, solar panels, solar roof tiles, and related products and services. The product and services that it provides have the most demand worldwide. Investors, businesses, corporations and the general public all require it for their comfort. 

Therefore, the traders invest in the shares of the company to have high profits. Tesla company’s shares were rising in 2020, the battery electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles, the plug-ins have 16%, and the batteries have 23% of the market worth. Thus, it captured most of the market in the USA. 

Founded in 2003, the company has grown over the years and today holds a high position globally. 

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Tesla Company

Tesla started as a motor company named Tesla Motors in July 2003, incorporated by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning as CEO and CFO, respectively. The company raised its value in 2004 to the US $ 7.5 million with series funding. After that, Elon Musk had a contribution of $6,5 million, and gradually, Musk became the chairman and largest shareholder of the firm.  

The company is said to be co-founded by Eberhard, Tarpenning, Musk, Wright and Straubel as per the lawsuit agreed between all the shareholders. 

Elon Musk has been the face of the company for some time now; people know the Tesla company by this name. Musk showed interest in the manufacturing of the Roadster product. In 2006, the investments increased with a total worth of $40 million from the funding. The prominent investors were Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin and e-bay president Jeff Skoll. 

 By 2007, the company had an investment of $105 million, thus increasing the company’s worth in the finance sector. 

The roadster was the first car prototype introduced by the company in a small event held under Elon Musk leadership. In 2007 and 2008, the CEO and CFO of the company were asked to leave the positions, and later they quit the company. The new CEO was hired, named Ze’evpany’sAmerica’scompany’sdidn’te’ev Drori, but by 2008, Elon Musk became the CEO of Tesla. 

By 2009, Tesla had a worth of $187 million with the delivery of 147 cars. In this, Musk had a contribution of $70 million from his pocket. 

Tesla introduced and developed several new products from 2010 onwards; IPO, Model X, Model S, Solar city and Model 3 etc. 

Global Expansion Of Tesla

Tesla expanded with the opening of the Gigafactory in Shanghai, China. A full automobile factory in China that too of a foreign company. The factory was established in 2019 within six months of time. A big step for Tesla towards the growth and expansion of the company. In the year 2020, it constructed Gigafactory in Germany and Texas. 

Tesla delivered its new product as well by 2020 named Model Y Crossover. 

Also, the company had a market worth of $86 billion in 2020, the record-breaking value of any American company in automation. Crossing the big brands like BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler together. 

Tesla didn’t stop here; gradually, it took over the market with $206 billion worth, stepping ahead of the most preferred automobile company, Toyota. Thus, it split the value of the company’s stock to 5 for 1. 

The company had achieved a lot between the years 2019 to 2020 with massive reach and expansion of the business. Tesla had four profitable quarters simultaneously and made it to the S&P 500, a stock market index that tracks the performance of 500 large companies listed on America’s stock exchange.  

The reason behind the company’s addition to the index was its market capitalisation and demand from investors. Tesla was the sixth-largest company in the list of S&P 500, and the share price of the company increased by 740% in 2020.  

In 2021, Tesla will be the fifth-largest company with an $848 billion value crossing the nine most massive automobile companies. 

The company also purchased small companies to advance automation and expand. 

Tesla, in 2020, invested in Bitcoins $1.5 billion and revealed the same in 2021 to the public. The company started accepting bitcoins as payment for the products and services. 

It gave a good boost to the bitcoin market, as the followers of Elon Musk started investing in bitcoins, and the cryptocurrency market got a boom. 

How to buy Tesla Stocks?

The company is the largest automation firm in the world. It has high market value and market capitalisation, which attracts several investors to invest in Tesla stock. Tesla stocks could be invested in through brokers or financial advisors; investors can take help of these to trade in Tesla stocks. 

However, investors should be precautious before investing in any stock. Traders should do a technical and fundamental analysis to make correct decisions and trade with good brokers with a reputation, low commission charges, a supportive environment, and quick trading features. 

Here, we have discussed how to buy Tesla stocks to aid traders and investors of the financial markets. 

The shares of the Tesla company are publicly traded and, thus, are available for all traders of different ages. Traders can invest in Tesla stocks through brokers, which is the most feasible option. However, they have to first open a brokerage account to trade with an initial deposit. 

There are several brokers online, and choosing the one that best suits the needs of the investor. Some brokers that could be used are TradeATF. This is a good choice as there are various services and facilities that traders could ease the trade. 

Tesla even has the option of buying fractional shares for the investors who can not afford to purchase whole shares. They can open the account, deposit the minimum funds and start trading. Investors can buy Tesla stock directly via the order execution of the account opened. 

Inventors will need the Tesla ticker symbol on a listed stock exchange, TSLA, to purchase the stocks. After that, traders have two options of a market order and a limit order. In a market order, traders can buy the shares of the company at the current market price of the stock, whereas a limit order allows traders to dictate the high and low price of the stock at which the trader wants to buy or sell. 

Why do we recommend TradeATF brokers?

TradeATF is a reputed broker regulated by Cyprus and IFSC organisations using cutting-edge technology. The online broker has the best services for world traders with various facilities. However, the broker is young in the market; it has gained popularity in a short span of services with over ten clients.  

Broker has fast account opening, trading platforms, innovative tools, segregated accounts and funds, deep analysis of the market and much more to smooth the process of trade. Traders can open an account with TradeATF within minutes and start the trade along with fast transactions and order executions. 

In addition to all this, the broker has various instruments for trading like CFDs, ETFs, Indices, Commodities etc. It has the best trading platform, MetaTrader4, which is the most user-friendly platform worldwide. 

Traders can even enjoy low commission charges, tight spreads, high leverage ratios, a minimum deposit of $100, customer support 24 hours and educational stuff for training novice traders. With trading, investors can learn, educate and research to have exposure in the financial market. 

TradeATF is a legit broker with silver, gold and platinum accounts, easy opening and less extra payments. Thus, a good choice for trading and investing in stocks of various companies through an exchange. 

Financial Advisors

Traders have another way of buying and selling Tesla shares that is via financial advisors. They are investment portfolio experts and help traders in investing. For beginners of trade or investors with little experience, financial advisors are a good choice. They help traders achieve their long term goals of the trade and have profits and investments they desire. 

However, the process is the same traders open an account directly and invest with the guidance of the advisors. 

Advantages of investing in Tesla

Being the largest market maker in automation and manufacturing cars that are affordable for the general public, Tesla has a massive market value. The shares of the company are quite profitable in the long run; traders can make good profits from the company stocks. 

Here, we have listed advantages that traders can enjoy by investing in Tesla stocks: 

Market Capitalisation

The worth of the Tesla is highest of all the automatic companies globally combined. It has crossed Ford, Toyota, BMW etc. and reached the top position. So, traders have more chances of gain than loss. 

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the brand name that attracts most investors; he dreams big and works on his impulses to offer the public the best and latest technology. Having ownership of many companies, he owns SpaceX and Tesla designing space-related products and cars that are within reach of the public. 

He has even started to take people to space and has a great following on his Twitter, where a twit of his makes the market rise and fall. 


Technology is also a factor that has made the public invest in Tesla. Traders buy the Tesla shares due to the high efficiency of the company and market reach. Tesla has been a global leader in technology with cars and electric products that saves people’s time and money. 

Even the high transportation speed system offered by the firm has made it a tech-savvy firm. 

Risks of investing in Tesla

The Tesla company has huge popularity in the market, but investors may face some challenges while investing in Tesla stocks. Here, we have listed the risks associated with it: 

Expensive Cars

Although the company promises to bring in the market less costly cars with new innovations, the cars’ price is still expensive. This is because companies have to put in a lot of effort and technology to make the different models, which is also quite money consuming. Thus, the price increases, and if the sale of cars declines due to any factor, traders may have to incur a loss in their stocks. 


Tesla has a lack of backup for the batteries used to make the products and use in cars. This is quite an issue for the company, to solve this problem, the company has manufactured a gigafactory to support the battery crisis, and the construction of the factory is still under process. They also have the issue of gasoline cars which can give them tough competition if the gas prices fall. 

How to Buy Tesla Stocks: Conclusion

Tesla share price in the UK currently is 791.36, so traders in the UK have a good chance of investing in Tesla stocks. The company’s share prices keep fluctuating, so traders have to monitor the market and the company news to be updated. With this information, traders can buy or sell Tesla shares and make profits. 

The article has incorporated all the information that investors need to know for better trade. An investor won’t go wrong by reading the article as it has the company’s latest data with a brief intro to history. A trader can easily invest and trade with the brokers or financial advisors in Tesla company. 

Investors should trade in stocks of Tesla to make a good profit and make a good portfolio. 

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