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Almost everyone has at one point of time wanted to buy shares of a company that goes through the roof as soon as we buy them and as a consequence, we make enough money to live happily ever after. Google share might be on your list of such stocks and if it has not reached there, it will soon be there. When it comes to the grounded reality, investing is a little more than what we think. You can know what you want to eat but you don’t always know how to cook it. Nonetheless, Beginning somewhere is always the answer.

The good news is that buying stocks now is easier than ever. Not completely implying that you should go buy these stocks ASAP, this article will take you through the whole idea of how to buy and why, when to and where from a google share. It is up to the trader as to what is the first stock he or she wants to buy for the first time. And since trading can be risky, we strictly advise our readers to reach out to their investment advisors before they go any step further.

First off, Google stock does not exist. Technically, it is the parent company of Google called “Alphabet” whose shares are traded. Now, traders can buy google stock in one out of two ways. One is share dealing. This means that the traders take ownership of an alphabet stock directly. Unlike stock trading,  when dealing in shares, the traders book their profits in dividends while the profit booked when the stock rises are kept intact. Dividend payments are just a plus one.

Traders can further trade using trading derivatives. Prominent examples of such tools are CFDs and Spread bets. Here, rather than buying, speculation is the investment strategy that brings the gains. If the traders speculate that Alphabet’s share price is about to move in a certain direction, they make their contracts and bets accordingly.  Also, the trader is under no obligation to buy the shares, the only important thing to do is to speculate and pay accordingly. However, Trading with derivatives holds significant risk and people who want to begin trading should be attentive enough to make profits with the whole idea. 

People can hold or trade Google shares in a lot of different ways.

Google; From being a  search engine to being the internet:

A US Tech company, Google is traded under the NASDAQ stock exchange by the ticker GOOGLE. This is not just one thing that makes the firm famous. Google has seen its transition from just being to google being google chrome and google being google maps. The google assistant, google phones and the cloud space. These are extra services that the firm provides and that is what makes an addition to the everlasting image of the firm.

Android by Google was a revolutionary product. First contributing to the user experience and interface in restricted areas, android has now mauled every boundary of expansion and has come to a point where it has started creating jobs. To buy Google share, the first step is to find an online broker that provides access to the NASDAQ index. You will probably need a search engine to look for appropriate answers and guess where you will receive them? probably on chrome.

Why should  I buy Google share?

Buying any stock, not just google, has a motive behind it. You are going to spend a lot of money on some stocks and that can possibly go wrong. There is a lot of chance that it might go wrong. So, understanding what the company does and what the business idea of the same becomes crucial and, this is where the fundamental analysis begins. Apart from this, there are some more things that have to be looked after.

Let us understand. more about google and learn what are its fundamentals in terms of trading.

Google has shown a positive outcome to the traders since it went public. A $1000 investment in the firm would have to turn to $4800 in 2019. This is more than 400% in terms of returns. To put a contrast, the companies listed on S&P 500 earned around 250%. The current share price of the company stands at $2500.

Expansions of google over time

In 2003, the company launched AdSense. It’s an advertising platform majorly used by website publishers to capture their target audience. This was a major move as more than 80% of google’s revenues are generated from the advertising space.

Then, the firm acquired android back in 2005, acquiring youtube in 2006. The firm later expanded itself into buying Motorola mobility in 2011. As of now, Google has acquired more than 200 businesses and in 2010, it was buying one company every 15 days.

Under the leadership of Schmidt, the firm went public on 19th August 2004 and raised more than a billion dollars with a share price of just $85. This was just not the biggest tech sector to ever walk wall street but also generated a giant wave of new investors and users.

From a user’s point of view, the firm has crawled into every space of the online universe. The wormholes include productivity services like google drive, Google Docs, google sheets and the google calendar and a lot more.

Who can forget the mighty chrome? The search engine was launched in 2008 as the traditional browser of the company. In 2017, chrome had more users than internet explorer, safari and firefox together.

Google in Recent TimeFrames

Google, along with Facebook and Amazon, has received criticism and backlash over security concerns and privacy policies. As a result, the firm is taking steps to secure the user info which includes plans for rolling out new features on the voice assistant and youtube services alongside google maps as well.

Experts such as Warren Buffett explain that one should always begin with index funds. This is a group of stocks such as names from the S&P 500. Since the index funds fluctuate as the market does they are less risky as compared to the individual stocks. This can be a safer idea for novices.  buffet also says that investing in firms that have a long term value and understanding the business that you invest in are two of the most important steps one needs to install in their brains before investments. Buffet wrote “What an investor needs is the ability to correctly evaluate selected businesses. Note that word ‘selected’: You don’t have to be an expert on every company, or even many. You only have to be able to evaluate companies within your circle of competence.”

Since Google is a tech stock, let us look at some of the best ways to make money in that sector:

Decisions making In Tricky Markets

when the market is in an. ongoing uptrend, it is easier to understand when and how to make money to take the trade decisions. These decisions get emotional and trickier when the market is under pressure. According to leading experts, more than 80% of trading is about the trader’s psyche and how tough the person is when it comes to making decisions.  Traders can have the best philosophies and can handle it brilliantly but once the head goes out of focus, things screw up.

Add the Stocks Showing Relative Strength to your watchlist

The stocks with a better RSI, with a good market, are always good to watch and the market is great at playing with them. Mere watching of some stocks can be of great help and people can earn a lot with them. one benefit of this can be when the traders hold information that can further help them to get the proper idea as to when to buy the stock or when to let go.

This helps to mitigate risk when the market comes to a point of correction. The tech stocks are not forever hot, but so are other stocks. There is a tie to hold our buy every stock. research the market well and make sure your technical analysis is up to the mark when you go for intraday.

What can be the possible fundamental analysis of the google share that can help me?

Alphabet Inc has increased its profitability, all thanks to expenditure constraints. The Operating Margins grew in the first quarter of 2021. From around 29% to 27% The net profit margin of the firm currently is around 32%.

This puts Alphabet inc. on the third spot in terms of social media and internet services. Also, the firm ranks at the 27th spot in the tech sector and 518 on the S&P 500. The capital ratio or the MRQ of the alphabet stands at 2.62 and the total debt-equity is at 0.06.

The tangible leverage ratio is at 0.47 and the Asset turnover ratio is at .69. The inventory turnover ratio is 110.5

Why do I need fundamental analysis?

The importance of fundamental analysis comes when the traders are looking to invest rather than trade. There is a difference between the two. When the traders go for the long term, they invest and hold for practically forever. Understanding which stock to hold, can be understood by looking at the past performance

When they do that, they need fundamental analysis. When it comes to trading intraday, the traders need technical analysis because there, the stocks move up and down each second each day. The fundamentals of the business are not that important in such a case. 

What is important is, what patterns are the chart making, what are the possible entry and exit positions and what are the perfect stop-loss orders. Since google share trades at more than two grants per share, it is relatively hard to go intraday on that particular stock.

The better idea with google share would be buying and holding it as a blue-chip stock to maintain the liquidity of the portfolio.

Even if the traders are using derivative instruments like futures or CFDs, they need fundamental analysis to maintain their speculations in the healthy and precise pool of predictions.

How can I save myself from incurring a loss with google share?

Investment always carries risk. The greater the risk, the better the reward. To mitigate the risks 100% is quite Impossible because no one knows how the market is going to move next. However, there are some things that the trader can do to avoid such risks.

Some steps that the traders can make sure they follow to avoid loss are listed below:

stay away from scams

There are a lot of scam brokers out there that can promise you unreal returns. The returns are, well, actually not real. These brokers feed the idea of the perfect life by just investing in one’s stock or one instrument to the novice traders and the novices being new to the market, who fall for such scams.

Make sure your broker is a legitimate broker and provides all the necessary details to you as you ask them. Things like non-responsive customer support, absence, or secretive regulation can be another major thing that should alert you. The spreads that the broker asks for, the trading costs that the broker does not talk about but still charges from you, should always be looked after.

Always diversify

The risk with not diversifying is that you are technically putting all the eggs in one basket. That can be really hard when the stock that you put the money in plunges. although highly impossible, if the google stock goes down, it will take all your money with it. A better idea can be to buy some stocks of google and some of the other blue chips.

If you are a tech fan, then you can always go for the shares of Apple, Facebook, Amazon to name a few. 10-15 shares of each of these companies will probably take around 30K out of your capital. The earnings can be via selling or via dividend payments. Ideally, each portfolio should hold 20 to 30 different stocks each.

What are the exact steps to buy google share?

Step 1 would be to look for a good online broker. A good online broker is a subjective opinion. A broker good enough for someone might not be good enough for you. Look out for your own trading needs and look for a broker that caters to all of these needs.

Step 2 would be to open the account with the broker. This is a simple process where the broker asks for some personal details of the trader. This includes the banking details and some residential proofs that the trader has to positively produce.

After this is done, the trader is almost ready to enter the market and buy the google stock. But before that, it is generally advised that they trade demo for a while. Around two months of demo trading can mitigate a lot of risks for the trader. What theoretical knowledge tells, is never as important as what the market tells.

Step 3 would be funding of the brokerage account Almost all the online brokers provide the funding of the brokerage accounts in a lot of different ways. These methods include wire transfer, skrill Neteller to begin with, and then a lot more.

With that, all that is left is to open the trading platform and search for the preferred stock, google in this case. After this, all the trader has to do is to click on buy and the task to buy the shares is done.

Are you looking for a broker that can help you with trading in Google shares? do you want to not own the stocks and still earn money? are you new to trading? don’t go any further, we present you with the leading online broker Primefin. The broker has been working in the game since 2019 and has been serving its traders in the right sense ever since. The broker has three chief trading accounts and with those accounts, the traders can trade on more than 300 CFD tradable assets that include the tech sector giant google.

When it comes to regulations, the broker is regulated by more than one regulatory authority. This comes in after the fact that the broker operates well enough in the regions of New Zealand and Australia as well.

The trading based education material that the broker provides is good enough for anyone who has just entered the market and helps them in becoming the best of themselves.

Bottom Line

The google share are a bit costly so it is better to hold them rather than going intraday. Contracts for differences and futures can be a great idea but they both have their own risks involved. The core idea of investment is to buy low and sell high. Never forget that. Also, when there is so much money involved, there is always a possibility for things going wrong so always trade on mathematics rather than on emotion.

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