Hedging Strategies in Forex Trading

What Are Hedging Strategies In Forex Trading?

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Trading in the financial market has been popular for decades, but it has a lot of uncertainties, making it difficult for traders to survive long. To gain peace of mind in financial trading, there are various strategies and analyses designed to protect traders from the risks of the market. The strategy and analysis help them plan and briefly note the market movements. 

Hedging strategies are one of the most used and significant forex trade strategies. Traders prefer the financial strategy to avoid market risks and protect their investments. When a trader notices that the market will go low, they will quickly use hedging strategies and a couple for others to have a stable forex trade. 

Thus, the strategies make traders and investors more confident in their investments with market protection and risk management. In the article, we’ll discuss various aspects of hedging strategies and their use to understand the strategy. 

What is Hedging?

Hedging is a financial strategy that has many advantages for the traders and investors of the market. As a strategy, it protects the trader from exposure to high risks and makes a profit from the trade. However, traders should know that it won’t minimize the risk completely; traders may have to face some losses. 

It is a good practice that every trader should use; protecting the investments and ensuring some profits will make traders more confident of the trade and skills polished. The strategy is most useful for the beginners of the trade as they have less market knowledge, and it would enhance their trade over time. 

The risk management strategy offsets the investment losses; the trader takes an opposite position of the traded security to minimize their risks and ensure profits. Involving the derivative products, hedging has a lot of options for the traders. However, with the potential reduction of risk, there is a reduction in profits. 

Types of Hedging Strategies 

Hedging strategies in forex trading or other markets could be used in various types. Investors have classified hedging strategies into the following: 

Forward Contract:

A contract that is customized and is between two parties of the financial markets. They buy and sell the currencies for a specific price and at a future date specified in advance by the trade parties. Traders use the forward contract for hedging and speculation; however, the non-standardized aspect of forwarding contracts makes it more convenient for hedging. The contract is not centralized and is used for over-the-counter trading. These are not traded on exchanges, and it is settled at the end of the contract on a cash or delivery basis. 

Futures Contract:

A contract is similar to the forward contract, where traders buy and sell currencies for a specified price and date in the future, but still different. It is a binding contract where traders have to pay on the specified date and could not extend it for the future. The currencies are traded on a recognized exchange. Traders can use the futures contracts for hedging in the forex trade to minimize the risks. 

Money Markets:

Money markets are different from the above two trading contracts; the trade is short-term. Traders buy and sell, lend, and borrow the currencies with less than a year’s maturity time. With various currencies, traders can invest and avoid market risks with some profits. 

How to do Hedging in Forex?

Traders of the forex market have to be aware of hedging strategies in forex trading to protect the trade from the risks of uncertain markets. The forex market is highly liquid, and with ample opportunities for traders, it also has high market risks. So, traders can use hedging strategies to avoid the unnecessary risks of the forex market. 

The hedging strategy works in the same way as the stop-loss order. Traders have to be careful while choosing the alternative trade of the investment to support the first one. However, forex traders have a misconception about hedging, where they believe that investing in the same currency is equal and opposite of the investment with the same trade position. 

To better understand this, say, for instance, a trader buys the currency pair for one lot, and he sells the same currency pair of the same size that is one lot for offsetting the first one. This is the wrong procedure to use hedging in forex. 

It requires traders to hold the forex currency pair by buying and selling the same currency pair. In the frex trade, the traders use the hedging strategy to pause the profits and losses during the pullback situation. When the market is moving upward and traders have a short position, traders buy to hold a temporary job in the market. Traders wait for the market to reverse and be in their favor to take advantage of the opportunity. 

What is a Forex Hedging Strategy?

Several forex traders use a forex hedging strategy to reduce the market volatility and the risk associated with the trade. Traders invest in other currency pairs or financial products using the strategy. For example, if a trader invests in the USD for a long position and then invests in EUR as a hedge. This will reduce the chances of loss when the value of the dollar falls in the market. Traders will have profit from the Euro. Thus, minimizing the risk and loss of the trader with another investment. 

Before learning about the hedging strategies in forex trading, let’s understand the concepts relating to the forex trade. It includes three key concepts that impact the forex hedging strategies, risk, correlation, and diversification. 


Risk in the trade is the profit and loss that traders can have from the trades. The hedging strategies of the forex market reduce the risk associated with it. Traders are able to earn profits from the short-term strategies for a long-term trade position. Hedging strategies protect forex traders from the risks of the market and help them gain potential profits from the underlying investment. 

Traders use the hedging strategies along with the tools of the trade like stop-loss orders and take profits etc. It is used when traders feel the market risks and use hedging for protection. Once the market shows a reversal, traders remove the hedging strategies. Thus, a short-term strategy. 


A statistical term, correlation, is the degree to which the variables move in relation to one another. Traders of the forex market study the two currency pairs, and if they move in the same direction, they use it for having favorable trade. The traders measure the correlation of the currency pairs using the scale -1 and +1. 

Here, -1 means the two currency pairs are moving in opposite directions, and +1 means they are in coordination and move in the same direction. There is one more point, zero, which indicates that the currency pairs are independent of each other and do not have any impact on each other’s movement of direction. 


Diversification, as a term, means to diversify the trade in other sectors of finance for potential gains. Traders of the forex market use diversification to increase their trade in various currency pairs or financial instruments to reduce the risk of loss. 

In the forex trade risk, the traders are of the opinion that the investment may turn out the opposite, and they may face loss. So, to minimize the impact of the trade risk, traders invest in other currency pairs for a secure trade and good profits. To protect their accounts from wiping away. 

Traders can diversify their risk by investing in financial products which are correlated with the investment or others which have no relation. The products available for diversification of the forex trade are: 

Hedging Strategies for Forex Traders

How to use hedging in forex? Has been answered, the next thing to focus upon is the hedging strategies for forex traders. In the paragraph, several hedging strategies are mentioned that forex traders can use to enhance their trade with protection from risk. 

The two most common forex hedging strategies are: 

  • Direct hedging 
  • Correlation hedging 

Forex Direct Hedging Strategy

The direct hedging strategy of the forex market is used when a trader already holds a market position. The trader has a position on the currency pair that opens on the same currency pair with the opposite position. 

The strategy could be better understood with an example; a trader holds a long-term position with the USD/EUR currency pair, so in order to minimize the risk trader will open a short-term market position with the same currency pair having the same lot size. 

Using this strategy is useful for forex market traders as they have a net profit or loss of zero; the cost of each trade opening position impacts the profit, so traders should accordingly invest and use the forex direct hedging strategy. Traders close their initial position with the acceptance of loss; there are traders who use a direct hedge to make profits, investing in the second trade for protection from risks and loss. 

Forex Correlation Hedging Strategy

A correlation hedging strategy is common among traders, where they seek some relation between the two currency pairs for investment. In the hedging strategy, traders use two currency pairs and study their market trends, and according to the need, they choose a positive correlation currency pair or negative correlation currency pair. 

Once they have selected the currency pairs that they take opposite positions in the market for the same. For example, if a trader invests in USD/EUR and GBP/USD, two currency pairs with a positive correlation. The trader has to check for the geological, political, and social factors impacting the trade of countries for a better investment. 

A trader holds a long position in USD/EUR; then, the trader would use the GBP/USD pair for a short-term position as a hedging strategy. 

However, traders should be aware of the fact that their exposure to the market has increased with the correlation due to two currency pairs. 


Trading with the hedging strategies in the forex market is quite helpful. Traders can hold short market positions with alternative investments; they can minimize the risk, protect their investments and have potential profits. Thus, a beneficial trade strategy enhances the investments and profits with skill development. A suitable strategy for beginners of the forex market trade. 

However, traders should first study the market, positions held, and the currency pairs to have potential gains. To better help you in trading hedging strategies we recommend InvestBy. The Broker has many tradable assets in which you can Excell.

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