Forex Pips: How to Maximise Pips and Minimise Losses 2021

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Pip, also known as percentage in point, plays an essential role in Forex trading. Pips are the units of measurement for tiny changes in exchange rates. Pips are extremely important to traders in forex trading since they are used to calculate losses and gains. Therefore, the value is attributed to a pip move in forex trading. 

With a daily trading volume of approximately $6 trillion, the forex market is the largest in the world. The act of purchasing and selling currencies is known as forex trading. The forex market is in charge of determining exchange rates and trade conditions. As buyers and sellers actively trade currency, exchange prices are always shifting. 

Currency values are generally quoted in pips or percentages in point because they vary in such small increments. A pip is the fourth decimal point of a price, which is typically equal to 1/100th of one percent typically.

The term “pip” refers to a fundamental notion in foreign exchange. Bid and ask quotations that are accurate to four decimal places are used to disseminate exchange quotes in forex pairs. Forex traders, to put it another way, Forex traders buy and sell a currency whose value is expressed in relation to another currency. 

Let’s discuss Pip in detail. 

Definition of PIP

The price interest point (PIP) is a term used by traders to describe the price movement of securities in the market. Traders utilise the Pip to manage their trading techniques and determine when to enter and exit the market. In addition, the pips are used to calculate the trader’s profits and losses.

The Pip is a unit of measurement in the forex market that uses the last decimal point to calculate the exchange rate. Traders can choose from a variety of decimal points provided by different brokers; some have four decimal points while others have five. In addition, most FX brokers now offer fifth decimal points.

The last decimal point, which equals one base point, is the most negligible variation in the Pip. Profits of decimal places like 20 or 25 pips might be claimed by a trader who gains from the forex market. The cash amount of the trade is determined by the pip value.

What is a Pipette?

The pips are further divided into fractions known as pipettes, which allows traders to trade with narrow spreads. Almost all financial service providers have recently embraced a smaller fraction known as the pipette, which can signify the most negligible fluctuation of a currency pair.

 To better comprehend the traders, the pipettes are visualised in the superscript format in the quotation panel. In addition, the fractional Pip is one-tenth of a pip, making it easier for traders to see their currency pairs in fractions.

1 pip = 10 pipettes

How to calculate Pips?

Every forex trader must understand how to calculate pips. It’s a typical phrase used by forex traders to describe price fluctuation as well as their profit or loss on each trade. For instance, if a trader buys one lot of EURUSD at 2.1616 and the price moves to 2.1595, the trader will profit. Profit is determined as follows:

Pip value = 2.1616 – 2.1595 = 0.0021 = 21 pips

Let’s say 1 standard lot = 10,000 units

Profit = 10,000 X 0.0021 = $21 

Traders must calculate Pip in the forex market, and every trader should be aware of the manual method. There are, however, trading platforms available to assist traders; yet, the procedure must be understood.

These elements make it feasible for traders to calculate market fluctuations, which is an important component for forex traders. Traders can determine their market opening and closing positions by selecting the Pip.

The first step is to figure out how much each Pip is worth in terms of the quote currency. Then, to determine the profit, the trader must first multiply the total amount of trades by one Pip.

The next step is to determine the base currency per Pip; to do so, divide the USD per Pip by the closing exchange rate to obtain the EUR per Pip.

The last stage is to calculate the trade’s profit and loss. The trader must multiply the pips acquired by each pip value to obtain the overall profit or loss.

How to maximise profits and minimise losses?

The amount of profit or loss generated by each Pip of movement is determined by its value. Therefore, to understand how to calculate pip value, we must first understand the currency pair being traded, the trade amount, and the current price.

Beginner forex traders may be unfamiliar with the term pip, but after reading this article, they will grasp what it is and how it is used to calculate trade profit/loss.

Online brokers offer a variety of services to assist their traders or clients, and traders can use trading platforms to get an advantage in the market. Through your broker, you can quickly maximise your pips. Trading platforms are cutting-edge technology tools that make trading more convenient.

How to use pips in forex trading

The foreign exchange market is an internet platform that aids in the determination of currency exchange rates. Traders and investors purchase and sell currency pairs to make money in currency trading. Traders might profit by buying and holding or speculating on currency prices.

It is a worldwide market that operates on a decentralised structure, with trading taking place outside of exchanges instead of the stock exchange. Traders can trade over-the-counter, which allows them to invest directly through brokers, or they can do on their own.

A percentage in point or price interest point is a unit of change in the exchange rate of a currency pair in finance, particularly in foreign exchange markets. For example, the adjustment of time value at the spot rate in the forward foreign exchange market is expressed in pips, FX points, or forward points.

A pip is frequently mistaken with the tick size, which is the smallest unit of change in a quote. Although currency pairs are frequently reported to four decimal places, the tick size in a particular market may be as small as 0.5 pip.

Forex trading has a high volume since the market is quite active and maybe traded from anywhere in the world. Moreover, because the market is entirely online, traders can easily invest in foreign currencies. Furthermore, it is open for business 24 hours a day, five days a week.

The forex market is primarily conducted online using brokers such as ABinvesting. The broker provides a variety of alternatives and services to help traders improve their trades and predict market movements.

Pips help control risk in forex trading and estimate the proper amount of leverage to utilise to measure returns and losses or price movements. You can place a stop-loss order to mention the maximum pips you are equipped to lose on a position. If the forex currency pair moves in the unfavourable direction, the stop-loss will help you to limit your losses.

Forex position size calculator

Pips can be used to calculate the size of a position. A trader’s capital could be wiped out if their combined position sizes are too great and they suffer a series of losses. As a result, trading with the proper position size is critical.

Traders must register with the broker online by filling out a form that requests their name, age, email address, phone number, and other important details.

After registering, traders must supply personal information and complete questionnaires that include questions about the previous trading experience. They also have the option of selecting an account type.

The next step is for traders to upload papers and make a minimum deposit in order to start trading FX. Traders can then devise a trading strategy and employ the trading platform’s indicators, technical tools, and other features.

A one-pip rate shift may be related to the value change of a currency market position. The standard lot size in the forex market is 100,000 units of the base currency. A one-lot trading position that experiences a one-pip rate shift changes in value by ten units of the quoted currency or other securities.

How Leverage Can Help in your Trading

In any event, leverage is a terrific instrument for taking advantage of more considerable market exposure at a low cost owing to margin trading. For example, In Forex trading, you buy currencies with the help of your broker’s leverage, which allows you to handle larger sums than you have in your account. 

As a result, even the tiniest movement in pips can result in massive profits or losses. Conversely, leverage can increase your earnings when the markets are going against you, magnifying your losses. As a result, it should be taken with caution.

Your broker’s leverage effect is determined by the regulations it follows. The leverage varies according to the broker. It can be 1:50, 1:100 or 1:200. ABinvesting is one of those brokers that provide high leverage up to 1:500. This will have an influence on the margin requirements you’ll need to open and maintain your positions.

What is a Spread?

There are two prices stated for each currency pair: the bid and the asking price. The selling price is the bid, whereas the asking price is the asking price. Traders who use the swing trading forex method retain open positions for days, incurring swap costs. Thus they make sure to use brokers with minimal spreads. The spread is the difference between the bid and the asking price.

The actual trading is done on a broker’s or financial service provider’s software trading platform. Opening a trading account with an online financial service provider is the first step in trading FX. The concepts of spread and pips in forex trading are key concepts that every forex trader should be familiar with.

In forex, the spread is quite essential. It indicates the trading costs levied by most forex brokers or financial services providers and is calculated in pips. Some providers charge commissions on forex trades. However, the majority of them take commissions from the spread. Traders should consider spread costs when looking for forex brokers because they play a vital role in their overall profitability.

Traders who use day trading and scalping forex tactics open and close deals multiple times per day in the hopes of profiting. It means a trader can buy at the asking price and sell at the selling price right away. If he does so, he will have to pay the financial service provider the spread. If the spreads are too wide, the trader’s winnings may be wiped away. 

Bottom Line

Traders can use all of the services offered by online forex brokers if they understand how to use the tools and trading platforms. However, because making decisions is rarely easy, traders should use their heads more and rely less on technology, which can fail at any time. 

They can better understand the use of pips by reading the text and then checking it using online trading platforms. To profit from online forex trading, you must have a lot of knowledge and expertise.

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