How to earn money in the share market daily

How to earn money in the share market daily

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It is quite an ambition to Earn money in the share market daily. However, it is well within the possibility. Provided you are not part of the crowd that would like to go from rags to riches overnight, the share market is well within your reach. Awareness and self-instruction are the watchwords here. 

There’s a lot of high-quality content online for you to immerse yourself in share lingo and related affairs. However, you will need patience and dedication to light your way ahead. 

Going for your own online broker 

The most convenient way to buy stocks is thru an online stockbroker. Once you have opened and funded your account, you can buy stocks via the broker’s website. Alternatives are buying stocks directly from the company or using a full-service stockbroker. The latter come expensive. We recommend ETFinance, Capixal, and PrimeFin. 

Stock researcher: first step to Earn money in the share market daily

Once you have funded your PrimeFin brokerage account, it is time to go stock picking. You can start with companies you have had the experience of being a consumer. 

Or you may look into companies that reflect your professional background. For example, if you are into tech, go for tech stocks. The thing is to go after the sector you do feel you might have more ease understanding. 

Take up the company’s annual report. Begin with the management’s annual letter to shareholders. The latter will give you better insight into the report. 

The next step is where your online broker comes in handy. There Will be analytical tools on the broker website. Here, you can assess companies, studying SEC filings, conference call transcripts, quarterly earnings updates, and, of course, recent news. 

Your broker will guide you on how to use these analytical tools and even show you how to pick stocks. 

How many shares ought you to buy?

You have to feel no pressure about the type and number of your shares. A small step would be getting familiarized with the feeling of being an investor. You could take just one stock for starters. You will feel your confidence grow over time as you realize you can analyze stocks without losing your beauty sleep. 

At The very initial stage, you might also be interested in fractional shares. A fractional share permits you to buy a part of a stock rather than go the whole hog. The implication is that you can get into expensive shares with a relatively small investment. ETFinance, Capixal, and PrimeFin offer fractional shares. 

A good many brokers also offer a tool that changes dollars amounts to shares. This is really helpful, considering that you may easily set an amount you would like to invest and need to know the number of shares that amount could purchase. 

Go for your stock order type 

The online order page, courtesy of your online broker, will have a lot of complex-sounding words. Do not feel discouraged. There Will be time enough to study these terms. For now, concentrate on two terms that have built careers for many an investor. These are market orders, and limit orders. 

Market orders 

With a market order, you are showing that you will buy/sell the stock at the most fitting current market price. Since a market order does not advise any trade with price parameters, your order will find immediate execution. It will indeed be fully filled. 

Since bid and ask prices fluctuate continuously the whole trading day, a market order is best utilized when buying stocks that do not undergo wide price swings 

Earn money in the share market daily: tips 

  • When You place a market order trade after hours, since the markets have closed for the day, your order will correspond to prevailing price, when the exchanges reopen; 
  • Read the broker’s trade execution disclaimer carefully. Some low-cost brokers collect all customer trade requests to execute simultaneously at the prevailing price, either at trading day’s end or a particular time/day of the week. 

Limit orders

A limit order affords you greater control over the price at which your trade is executed. For example, if XYZ stock is trading at GBP 100 a share, you think a GBP 95 per share price is more compatible with how you value the company. The limit order instructs your broker to hold tight and execute your order only when the ask price plummets to that level. 

On the selling side, a limit order instructs your broker to let go of the shares upon the bid rising to the level you set. 

The worth of limit orders: Earn money in the share market daily

  • A good tool for investors buying /selling smaller company stocks, limit orders are also fit for investing during short term volatility periods and when stock price becomes more important relative to order fulfilment; 
  • A limit order is amenable to additional conditions seeking to control the duration the order will stay open. An All or None order will be executed provided all preferred shares can be had at your price limit. A good for day or GFD will likely expire at EOD, regardless the order were fully filled or not. A good ill cancelled or GTC order stays put until you pull the plug or order expiration occurs. 

Earn money in the share market daily: tips 

  • Whereas a limit order ensures the price you will get provided the order is executed, there is no assurance that the order will be filled. Only once market orders are filled, and provided the stock remains within set parameters are limit raiders placed;
  • Limit orders cost investors more in commissions relative to market orders. Failing to be executed in full at one go or during a single trading day , a limit order may continue to be filled over the following days. Each day a trade is made, transaction costs are charged. There is no trade execution if the stock never reached your limit order’s level by the time of expiration. 

Proven practices to Earn money in the share market daily

Trade with disposable income 

It is vital to set aside a specific amount of money when you are aiming to earn money in the share market daily. Do not trade more than that amount or use the mortgage or rent money. 

Start small 

You will lose trades at the initial stage. Keep your losses in check till you have sufficient experience. 

Don’t quit your day job 

You could have a licky run, especially if the market’s in a consistent bull run. You will, however, have to see how your trading strategy plays out. This is true when the market gets rough, particularly a recessionary one, and only then do you expand your efforts. Evaluate if you want to devote more time to trading once you reach consistent profitability. 

Effective trading: Earn money in the share market daily

Regardless of whether you opted for a financial instrument – be it shares or other – it is definitely possible to day trade a large number of assets. The condition is that these have to be supported by your broker’s trading platform. What Better choice than ETFinance, Capixal, and PrimeFin? 

Day trading is concerned with buying/selling shares within a trading day. Positions must be closed prior to the market closing that day. 

Diversification in your day trading portfolio 

In the trading field, knowledge is power. Abstain from allocating more than 5% of your budget to any single trade. Stick to your budget – you will be glad you did. 

Investment portfolios are all about variety and distribution. The more diverse your asset base, the better. 

Again and again, experts advise traders to practice day trading with a demo account. Paper trading imitates real money trading, but no real money changes hands. Nevertheless, it is assuredly the best way to follow market movements with any number of shares, apply trading strategies, monitor performance. 

Earn money in the share market daily mantra: incremental gains 

The success mantra of top traders is summed up in two words – incremental gains. Day trading activity may be a painstaking process. Here, attention to detail, careful selection, and decisiveness factor conspicuously into the equation. 

Timing is all.  

Stocks & Penny stocks 

In the UK, day trading is to be had on a number of different markets, including cryptocurrencies, indices, shares and forex. Each asset type brings opportunities. Shares are the most traded securities. Penny stocks are available over the counter, or as ‘pink sheets’. 

You are sidestepping gapping risk when you close your share opinions on the same day. This takes place differences in prices between the share price EOD and the share price at the start of the next trading day. You have to close your position out the same day, given the volatility. 

Best trading strategies: Earn money in the share market daily 

Counted among the most popular day trading strategies would be : 

  • Scalping

Scalping involves taking incremental profits over time. You do not have to place many trades. Profits accumulate. ; 

  • Trend trading

The scalper follows trend trading practices but also makes many trades along with the trend.; 

  • Swing trading

Swing trading concentrates on the short term. Swing Traders profit from rising and falling prices. ;

  •  Mean reversion

Mean reversion attempts to capitalize on the extreme change in a particular security’s pricing. The assumption is that it will go back to its preceding state. This permits a trader to profit on unexpected upswings and to save on abnormal lows. ; 

  • Money flows

Money flow is concerned with determining if a share is in overbought or oversold territory. If an asset is overbought, with an 80+ reading, you have to sell since the traders are poised to profit. Correspondingly, if the share reads 20 -, it’s oversold. So traders will flock to that stock leading to a rally. 

The money flow rule is hence 80 -20. Profit per the rule. 

Best times to day trade: Earn money in the share market daily

Day traders need volatility and liquidity. The share market offers these regularly in the hours after opening. 9.30 am to close to noon ET, subsequently in the last hour of trading prior to the close at 4 pm ET. 

When you consider the most profitable hours, it is beyond doubt that the trade concentration that bookends the regular market session is the one. 

Per a Jefferies Group study, a quarter of average day trading volume occurs in the last 30 minutes of regular trading hours (minus the closing auction), whereas 5.5% occur in the first 30 minutes. 

Risk management 

Risk management is concerned with containing your potential downside, or the amount of money you could lose o a single trade/position. 

You have to factor in the following if you start planning for a risk management strategy: 

  • Position sizing

You will have to calculate the extent of your loss, should the trade go wrong; 

  • Percentage of your portfolio

You will have to determine the extent to which the overall portfolio will suffer, should the position go bad;

  •  Losses

You have to have clarity on the extent to which you will be unhurt by losses. At some point, these will become intolerable. You will have to define the number of losses you can stand; 

  • Selling

You will determine the pint you will sell – once you have earned a nice profit. 

Having clarity on these points will lend to your long term survival as a trader. Risk management will stop small losses from turning into larger ones. 

Beginners making money in the stock market 

Yes, you can earn money in the share market daily. However, that is after you have perfected your strategies and operations. You can expect a consistent income from the share market, p[rovided you have had fruitful experience behind you. 

The start will be tough. That is true for all fields. But, to paraphrase Churchill, if we do not pursue what lies beyond our grasp, what is Heaven for?

You are not seasoned if you believe you can achieve returns far and above what is reasonable or possible. There are innumerable investing strategies on the net, touted as ideal multipliers. Fall not for such empty boasts. You are neither gullible nor foolish. 

The actual perspective is, as mentioned earlier, about incremental gains. These are to be measured across a range of instruments, long term. This holds good with respect to your share portfolio as well. 

Those wet behind the ears do not appreciate just how long it takes to build investment wealth. Investing is a process that has to be measured in years and decades. 

Towards wealth in the share market: your aims 

You have to remember that 

  • Your expectations will have to be realistic; 
  • You have to be ready to play a long game; 
  • Time and compounding shall be your friends.  

There is always the possibility of external or company factors unhinging the stock markets. 

The rate of return you can expect 

Per the Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook 2020, global stock markets have yielded a 7.6% real return. 

Compounded joys: Earn money in the share market daily

Small margins add up over time. Such are the effects of compounding. Past profits may be invested again to super-charge returns. Against this backdrop, you also need to be mindful of the additional cost of actively managed funds relative to passive products. 


More time is more opportunity for your investments to rise in profitability. The best companies have the tendency to increase their profits over periods of time. Investors attest to these greater earnings with a higher stock price. This appreciated price translates to a handsome return for you, the share investor. 

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