InvestLite Review 2024

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InvestLite Review 2024

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InvestLite is Bayline Trading Limited’s trademark name, a Belize registered firm under the IFSC financial body regulation. The clients can trade via three major account types, namely, silver, gold, and platinum, each having different features.

The least deposit required with InvestLite is $250, but one can try a free demo account for practice. The top features are good customer service, wide trading products, high regulations, MT4 platform, and recognized payment options. 

The asset range includes complex financial derivatives on shares, crypto, commodity, metals, indices, and more. Here, we would highlight the review 2022 for every budding broker. It would include every prominent broker feature to get a fair idea.

InvestLite Review: Is it a Scam or Safe to Use?

InvestLite Philippines is a well-regarded brokerage firm known for providing a wide range of options to traders. Furthermore, it boasts a high level of security, as it is subject to regulation by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC), which has the authority to enforce penalties or even revoke a broker’s license for non-compliance. But it is fully functional, currently. So it means it is entirely safe.

Also, the operator of the company Bayline Global World Limited has a registration number SC517838, and the license number of the company is 000188/91. Additionally, the broker’s IT security is high tech, with modern advancements such as every level of encryption and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security.

Its Belize bearing company registration number is 136374. Besides, the company also has a physical address, which is verified. Therefore, all the points corroborate the safety of the broker.

Our recommendation: Trading at InvestLite Review 2024

  • The trading desk type is STP
  • You have to make a deposit of USD 250 for beginning the trade
  • It is regulated by IFSC (International Financial Services Commission)
  • Deposit and withdraw through Neteller, Skrill, wire transfer, etc


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Advantages and disadvantages of InvestLite Review 2024

  • Highly Regulated by CySEC
  • 350+Trading Instruments
  • User-friendly Trading platform
  • Commission-free Trading
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support
  • Advanced Educational Hub
  • Does not Accepts US Clients

Trading Account Types

There are three account types, and every customer account offers a different service. For example, apart from the three retail trading accounts (gold, silver, and platinum), there are Islamic trading, professional, and one free demo service account with InvestLite Bitcoin.

The silver account offers the least services but is most reasonable, and gold & platinum types are suitable for professionals with some expertise. Here are some of the features from every account type:

Silver Account

The account serves the lesser privileged or market players with lesser experience. The options for trading are fewer here but effective, which negates perils for any transaction like forex trading or other tradings. You can gain experience here and then move on to bigger accounts.

  • Hedging
  • Amount of FX leverage 1:30
  • Fifth decimal
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Swap discount
  • Free VPS
  • Customized investment news
  • Islamic

Gold Account

The broker provides the facility of the Gold Account for those traders who have gained some wealth and experience. They know how different financial markets behave when some elements change. The account is an intermediary one. Thus, you can learn to operate many other challenging markets’ upheavals and earn wealth.

  • Hedging
  • Amount of FX leverage
  • 1:30 (for the retail account)
  • Amount of FX leverage 1:400/1:500 (for the professional account)
  • Fifth decimal
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Swap discount 25%
  • Free VPS
  • Customized investment news
  • Islamic

Platinum Account

The Platinum Account is ahead of all previous accounts. It is synonymous with liberty and expressing the feeling of trading by buying and selling different assets to create a better portfolio. Also, not many brokers have the options this brokerage firm offers with the account type. You can deposit your money safely here and trade fearlessly.

  • Hedging
  • Amount of FX leverage
  • 1:30 (for the retail account)
  • Amount of FX leverage 1:400/1:500 (for the professional account)
  • Fifth decimal
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Swap discount 50%
  • Free VPS
  • Customized investment news
  • Islamic

Account opening Process

The broker offers a completely digital and hassle-free account opening process. You can open an account by following some simple steps.

  • Visit the official site of Investlite and click on the open an account tab
  • Fill in the essential information like personal details and account customization
  • Upload the documents for KYC verification
  • After verification, you can start trading by funding the account with a minimum deposit of $250.

Our recommendation: Trading at InvestLite Review 2024

  • The trading desk type is STP
  • You have to make a deposit of USD 250 for beginning the trade
  • It is regulated by IFSC (International Financial Services Commission)
  • Deposit and withdraw through Neteller, Skrill, wire transfer, etc


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Trading Instruments and Markets

It offers a wide range of trading products to the customer for investment which includes markets like shares, currencies, crypto, metals, ETFs, and indices. Overall, there are 350 financial instruments available with the trading website, and there is no charge on trading any of them. The broker only earns through spreads, but it is floating in nature. Here are some detail about the trading products:


Symbol Description Trading Hours Spreads (Starting From) Leverage (Maximum)
Currency Pairs
EURUSD Euro vs US Dollar 24H 0.7 500
GBPUSD Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar 24H 1.3 500
USDJPY US Dollar vs Japanese Yen 24H 0.8 500
AUDUSD Australian Dollar vs US Dollar 24H 1.1 500
ADAUSD Cryptos 00:00-23:59 floating 1:2
BABUSD Cryptos 00:00-23:59 floating 1:2
BSVUSD Cryptos 00:00-23:59 floating 1:2
BTCEUR Cryptos 00:00-23:59 floating 1:2
Brent Oil Brent Crude Oil (ICE-EUR) 03:00 – 01:00 0.03 125
Cocoa Cocoa (ICE-US) 11:45 – 20:30 30 125
Coffee Coffee (ICE-US) 11:25 – 20:30 0.3 125
Copper Copper (CME) 01:00 – 00:15 0.0041 125
3M 3M Company. NYSE (USA) 16:30-23:00 0.21 50
ADOBE Adobe Systems Incorporated, NYSE(USA) 16:30-23:00 0.21 50
AIG American International Group Inc. NYSE (USA) 16:30-23:00 0.21 50
Alcoa Alcoa Inc. NYSE (USA) 16:30-23:00 0.21 50
CAC 40 CAC 40 Index Future (Euronext) 09:00 – 23:00 1.45 20
China Enterprise 40 China H-Shares Index Futures (HKE) 04:15 – 07:00 & 08:00 – 11:25 1.3 10
DAX 30 DAX 30 Index Future (Eurex) 09:00 – 23:00 1 20
XAGUSD Silver vs US Dollar 01:00 – 24:00 0.037 10
XAUUSD Gold vs US Dollar 01:00 – 24:00 0.37 20
PALLADIUM Palladium (USD) 01:00 – 24:00 0.58 10
PLATINUM Platinum (USD) 01:00 – 24:00 3.1 10

Commission and Spreads

The broker provides commission-free trading on every asset. The spreads and swap charges are very competitive. Spreads vary as per the different trading asset and account types. Spreads start as low as 0.7


The broker provides a high-margin trading service for maximizing their clients’ profit. The broker offers leverage up to 1:500 for the professional account holder and 1:30 for retail investors, which is due to the tight regulations by the EU. The leverage varies on different factors and the low leverage to retail customers proves that the broker obeys rules by top bodies; thus, is not fake.

Retail Account Leverage:

  • EUR USD – 1:30
  • BTC USD – 1:2
  • BERKSHIRE – 1:5
  • XAG USD – 1:10

Professional Account Leverage:

  • EUR USD – 1:200
  • XAG USD – 1:50
  • BERKSHIRE – 1:10
  • BTC USD – 1:10

Deposit and Withdrawal:

The broker offers several payment options, and there is no charge on deposits and withdrawals. The processing time for adding funds is 2-4 minutes and for taking out funds is 3-5 business days. The available modes of payment gateways are bank transfer, E-wallets, and cards, top of which are:

  • SafeCharge,
  • Neteller,
  • Wirecard,
  • Trustly,
  • Skrill,
  • VISA,
  • Master Cards,
  • Maestro,
Providers Broker
Swap charges Users get a 50 percent discount
Spreads Applicable 20 points minimum
Deposit Need not pay
Currency conversion Chargeable

Trading Platform

InvestLite offers trading services to its clients through the MT4 trading platforms. The MT4 platform is available via the desktop, website, and mobile versions, accessible through Android and iOS versions. The platform’s UI/UX is customer friendly and provides the following features:

  • One-Click trading,
  • Supports 11+ languages,
  • 30+ technical signals & indicators (which can further increase with the help of plugins),
  • Nine-time frame chart, available for 1 minute to 1 month period in real-time,
  • Tools for risk management,
  • Access to the MQL market,
  • 24+ tools for drawing analysis,
  • Price alerts on the telephone via popups, SMS, and email.
  • 20+ analyzers for technical examination.
  • Multiple chart windows to compare various assets
  • Real-time balance level
  • Automatic Stop Loss/Take Profit functions
  • In-platform price alerts
  • 1-click account switching
  • Inherent platform support
  • Live chat

Company Details


  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities



  • Country: United Kingdom
  • License: 000188/250
  • Regulation: IFSC


Customer Service

  • Live Chat
  • Phone number: +442080972824


Our recommendation: Trading at InvestLite Review 2024

  • The trading desk type is STP
  • You have to make a deposit of USD 250 for beginning the trade
  • It is regulated by IFSC (International Financial Services Commission)
  • Deposit and withdraw through Neteller, Skrill, wire transfer, etc


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Mobile App

Mobile trading is the world’s biggest invention for InvestLite traders. Even when they are not at their desktop or laptop, they remain connected to the world of financial markets. A click from their mobile device takes care of all investment meticulously. That’s also the idea of technological prowess that exhibits through it .Furthermore, the features available in the application are either on par with or surpass those found on other devices. You can download it through the iOS or Android play Store.

It is conducive to use and comes with help. Hence, if you encounter any difficulties, accessing customer support is even more convenient for you. This is the advantage of entering the market via the app, where you can employ various strategies, utilize techniques, and focus on your preferred instruments and products.

  • Technologically advanced terminals for trading
  • In-platform price alerts to investors
  • Live chat option is present
  • One tap account switching 
  • Multiple chart windows are available for market players
  • Real-time balance level
  • Receive updates regularly on changing market conditions
  • Nine-time frames are available
  • Technical indicators are there

Research & Education Resources

The broker has a dedicated education and research portal which includes top tools and material. All the content aids investors in making better trading decisions, such as price predictions and good entry/exit points.

The education page helps enhance knowledge, thus, finally better decisions. Some of the top services by the research and educational portal are:

  • Short & long videos to explain topics briefly.
  • Webinars on the internet to conduct workshops by investing experts.
  • The economic calendar consists of prominent upcoming events and is updated the same as the earnings calendar.
  • Offline workshops by finance analysts
  • The earnings calendar features significant dates of all the pioneer companies like Apple Inc., which will announce their financial statements. It is updated every three months.
  • Books cover all the significant topics fully.
  • Segregated courses for advanced, intermediate, and beginner-level investors
  • Write-ups, journals, and blogs on relevant & trending titles.

Customer Support Service

The best feature of the trading website is its excellent customer support. The team offers above-average service, and the team is rational, logical, and polite while resolving the queries. Here are some of the methods to connect with the team:

  • Investlite contact number: +442080972824
  • Investlite com Login: [email protected]
  • Post Address: 5 Cork Street, Belize City, Belize
  • Live Chat Support: To immediately solve some questions and answers. 

Further, one can connect with the broker from Monday to Friday, from 04:00 to 14:00 GMT. The response time was under one minute.

The Bottom Line

So, this was the Investlite broker review 2021. Overall, the broker is new but has attracted investors through its vital services at a low cost. Some of the top features of the broker are high regulation, good customer support, comprehensive trading products.

It is a topmost forex broker InvestLite because of the flexibility it renders in the trade. The trading conditions offered by the broker are highly favorable for both forex trading and other types of trades. You can find several analytical tools for transactions in different markets. Its MetaTrader4 platform is incredible for all investors because it exhibits several options.

Note that the minimum deposit to start trading is $250, the highest available leverage is 1:500, and there is a free demo service account.

High-Risk Investment Warning: CFDs are intricate financial instruments and carry a significant risk of losing money quickly due to the application of leverage. It’s important to note that 70% of retail investors’ accounts experience losses when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Please read the complete Risk Disclosure Statement, which gives you a more detailed explanation of the risks involved.


At Trending Brokers, our aim is to provide you with diverse perspectives, unbiased assessments, and in-depth scrutiny. We maintain our commitment to precision through stringent data validation and consultations with industry mavens. It’s important to acknowledge that, though infrequent, minor fluctuations may occasionally manifest. Rest assured, our resolve to deliver impartial evaluations, thorough analysis, and well-informed viewpoints remains steadfast.

We feel compelled to offer some guidance on the subject of investing in financial instruments, commodities, and assorted assets, which inherently entail a significant degree of risk. There exists the potential for a complete loss of your invested capital. We strongly advise engaging in such ventures only if you possess a comprehensive understanding of the associated hazards. Please bear in mind that Trending Brokers refrains from providing investment advice or any semblance of financial counsel.

Your financial security is of paramount importance to us, and we emphatically advocate for the exercise of due diligence and the pursuit of professional guidance when making investment decisions.

You can contact the broker through live chat, email and telephone. The contact details as follows:

  •  69 Brunswick Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • Telephone: +442080972824
  • Email: [email protected]

The minimum deposit required for opening an account with InvetLite is 250 dollars.

Yes, it is a forex broker.In addition to forex trading, the broker also offers trading opportunities in stocks, cryptocurrencies, metals,  commodities, CFDs, indices, and a variety of other assets.  It is regulated by financial services commission ifsc

Investlite offers 3 distinct account types; silver, platinum, and gold account perfectly optimized content goes here!