ETFinance Review 2023

Rated 4.2 out of 5
Very good15%
Rated 4.2 out of 5
Very good15%

ETFinance Review 2023

71% of retail investor accounts lose money, …


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Rated 4.2 out of 5



If trading is a symphony, then ETFinance is Beethoven. That’s how closely knit both are for traders. The brokerage firm entices traders with its marvelous trading platforms, Cyprus securities, exposure to vast financial markets, amazing trading tools, a dedicated account manager, and lots more. You can start trading immediately by creating an account. The registration process is quick, and that casts away the issue of losing money rapidly.

The brokerage company offers an investor compensation fund (ICF) with the back of investors against any fraud practice. It has plenty of currency pairs. Thus, it is a good forex broker for traders. Furthermore, its association with the Real Madrid Basketball Team speaks volumes.

Is ETFinance Scam broker? Regulations

ETFinance is a boon for retail traders and retail investors. Magnum FX Limited operates the broker in the financial market. The broker follows all regulations and safety standards chalked out by Cyprus, making it worthwhile for market players. Moreover, ETFinance also has the license number and CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) surveillance of all activities initiated by the brokerage firm. So, brokers can feel protected and invest their money regularly.

Registration number: HE 360548

License number: 359/18

So, even if you indulge in CFD trading or other investments, the broker is safe. Moreover, it is also associated with MiFID II. So, safety measures are better.

Our recommendation: Trading at ETFinance Review 2023

  • The commission on trades is zero 
  • The maximum swap discount available here is 50 per cent
  • You can find dealing desk for trading assets
  • The best trading platform available here is MetaTrader4
  • It does not exhibit any fixed spreads
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Recommended Broker
Rated 4.2 out of 5

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Advantages and disadvantages of ETFinance Review 2023

  • Segregated bank account for investors
  • It is a multi-asset broker
  • Best customer support team
  • Enjoy one-click trading
  • Trade in precious metals
  • Top trading conditions for investors
  • Trade with multiple assets for an excellent portfolio
  • MetaTrader5 Absent
  • Does not Accept US Clients

Trading Account Types

Trading account types help traders deal in the financial market and transact at their will. ETFinance offers various features to clients through different accounts that help them realize the true potential of trading different assets and create an excellent portfolio. Currently, the brokerage firm is providing three types of accounts, including Silver, Gold, and Platinum. They gel with a trading platform and let traders buy and sell their favorite products. Thus, trading accounts are ahead of time.

These retail investor accounts are good for forex trading, commodity trading, stock trading, trading CFDs, etc. These accounts serve the needs of traders and customized as per the experience of a user. Every account aids in all types of trading.

Silver Account :

For any trader who is a beginner and does not know much about the market, a humble beginning is the best option. In that case, a client does not lose money while trading because the trading is protected. So, by the time people use its services, they grow as traders. Moreover, there are no trading fees that go into it. So, novice traders can enjoy trading without any worries. It is the ladder up to becoming advanced traders by introducing them to the trading world. Traders can find several benefits here:-

  • 750 assets for trading in the market
  • Ten-hour customer care support from 10 Am to 8 Pm (GMT)
  • You receive the service of an Islamic Account (provided you are a Muslim)
  • The maximum leverage received by traders here is 1:30
  • The minimum spread is 0.07. So, enhanced profits
  • The deposit commission is zero here
  • Hedging is accorded to traders
  • Availability of fifth decimal is there

Leverage on different assets on Silver Account

  • Commodities: 1:10
  • Indices: 1:20
  • Forex: 1:30
  • Silver & Gold: 1:20
  • Stocks: 1:5


  • USD/CHF 2.6
  • Crude oil 0.07
  • EUR/USD 2.20
  • Gold 0.59
  • Dax 2.20
  • USD/JPY 2.3
  • AUD/USD 2.8
  • GBP/USD 2.8
  • NZD/USD 3.1

Gold Account

Accessing the account would mean that a person or a client has graduated from the Silver Account. It is now the next stage where options are significantly high and so is the liberty for exploring the financial market. The reliable forex broker provides opportunities to trade with a variety of financial instruments. Moreover, features and facilities improve here considering the trade has got better experience and knows the market better than before.

  • The reliable broker offers a swap discount of 25 percent to its users
  • For retail traders, the maximum leverage is 1:30 (for professional traders it is 1:200)
  • A dedicated account manager is offered by the best forex CFD provider
  • Webinars & videos are available for using and enhancing knowledge
  • Hedging is available
  • The minimum spreads are 0.05
  • An Islamic Account is available to Muslims
  • Availability of the fifth decimal is here
  • Webinars and videos help in enhancing information. They constitute financial advice.
  • Suitable for trading in stock markets
  • Full ten-hour dedicated support is available to traders

Leverage on different assets on Gold Account

  • Commodities: 1:100
  • Indices: 1:100
  • Forex: 1:200
  • Silver & Gold: 1:100
  • Stocks: 1:40
  • Spreads
  • USD/CHF 1.5
  • Crude oil 0.05
  • EUR/USD 1.3
  • Gold 0.48
  • Dax 1.5
  • USD/JPY 1.5
  • AUD/USD 1.8
  • GBP/USD 2
  • NZD/USD 2.1

Platinum Account

The Platinum Account serves all purposes for a seasoned trader and provides access to the world of financial resources and trading opportunities. The trading experience here is next level, and it demands benefits for clients. Also, risk warning is irrelevant here because anyone who trades here has enough idea of how trading services work. It clubs well with an ETFinance platform. You can trade stocks or cryptocurrencies, profits will favor you even against the tides using the account. Reduced spreads, huge discounts, enhanced individual services and

  • The minimum spreads available is 0.03 here.
  • Swap discount doubles compared to the Gold Account, that is 50 per cent
  • The maximum leverage is 1:30 for retail traders and 1:200 for professional traders.
  • Dedicated account managers for clients available
  • Hedging is there
  • Webinars & videos for acknowledging and learning new things
  • Free VPS for customers
  • News alerts for deciding how and where to spend funds
  • Availability of customer support services for ten hours

Leverage on different assets on Platinum Account

  • Commodities: 1:125
  • Indices: 1:125
  • Forex: 1:200
  • Silver & Gold: 1:125
  • Stocks: 1:50


  • USD/CHF 0.9
  • Crude oil 0.03
  • EUR/USD 0.7
  • Gold 0.37
  • Dax 1
  • USD/JPY 0.8
  • AUD/USD 1.1
  • GBP/USD 1.3
  • NZD/USD 2.1

Demo Account

The reliable broker ETFinance knows the importance of a free demo account. Thus, it lets traders practice it until the time they perfect their tricks and know about the conditions of trading. They find exactly the same environment and regulatory authorities like Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) to get accustomed to the real trading situations. Even if you have inactive accounts, you can utilize the demo account.

Steps to Open Trading Account

Every new client must pass a few basic compliance tests to confirm that you understand the risks of trading and that you are permitted to trade. When you open an account, you will most likely be asked for the following information, so keep it with you:

  • Please keep in mind that the expiration date of the Proof of Address document for each entity under Brand may differ.
  • A color scanned copy of your passport, driver’s license, or national ID
  • A utility bill or bank statement from the previous three months that shows your address
  • You’ll also need to answer a few basic compliance questions to prove your trading experience, so allow at least 5 minutes to complete the account opening procedure.

Our recommendation: Trading at ETFinance Review 2023

  • The commission on trades is zero 
  • The maximum swap discount available here is 50 per cent
  • You can find dealing desk for trading assets
  • The best trading platform available here is MetaTrader4
  • It does not exhibit any fixed spreads
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Rated 4.2 out of 5

Trading Instruments

If you visit the ETFinance website, the best thing you find here is the different trading instruments or products for trading available with one of the best brokers. So, it establishes the broker as the king of assets’ providers. You can perform crypto trading, forex trading, commodity trading, stock trading, CFD trading, stock trading, ETF trading, and others.

Forex trading

Trading forex gives a peculiar experience to every trader. Everyone who’s looking for a new stream of trading and extra income is finding solace in the foreign exchange market. Online trading with ETFinance has made it highly accessible for those who are looking to invest in currency pairs of the biggest liquid market worldwide. Foreign currencies are available at your disposal with a single click. Trade USD, JPY, CHF, GBP, and various exotic, major, and minor currencies through the brokerage firm.

Metals trading

Metals are types of commodities that are used daily by men, and women for wearing; precisely precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. Moreover, industries and businesses utilize them for their purposes. Also, ETFinance traders can prefer CFD trading on them and earn through speculations. So, set your bids on iron, steel, copper, aluminum, copper, etc.

Indices trading

If you are someone who does not want to risk a lot in the market and wishes to earn a good amount, the indices market provides a handful of chances to replicate those thoughts. Invest or speculate on popular indices with CFDs to earn money. You have exchanges and markets like FTSE 100, Dow Jones 30, S&P 500, etc. You can join it with zero percent fees. Furthermore, knowledge about individual and group stocks comes naturally with indices trading.

Stocks Trading

Trading in the stocks market is one of the oldest charms that cease to fade away. ETFinance exhibits plenty of markets globally that satisfy your quench for owning shares of the finest companies. They include Facebook, Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Google, etc. You can enter the market swiftly. Deposit money and get going with the market.

Commodity Trading

The asset group revolves around daily usable goods, including groceries. Thus, the market is hot and will remain so because people need items for surviving and food is an essential commodity. So, the market will always thrive. Special measures initiated by ETFinance are benefiting its subscribers. Trade oil, sugar, natural gas, coffee, etc. through CFD and futures options.

Cryptocurrency Trading

It is the newest market and gaining popularity like a wildfire and rightly so. Everyone has seen what bitcoin did during the pandemic times, creating some gigantic record that came unassumingly. ETFinance renders news alerts and information that lets investors learn and earn simultaneously. A user can anticipate the growth and earn through speculating the market with CFDs. Trade-in bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin, bitcoin cash, and several more.

Commission and Spreads

Commissions for registering with the broker are zero. Moreover, you can enjoy trading and depositing because the commission fee is zilch there too. Likewise, ETFinance does not charge a penny on myriad services.

The lowest spread offered by the online trading portal is 0.03. So, it is tight for those looking to gain maximum profits and shell-less funds.

Leverage offered

If you talk about leverage, the ETFinance provides 1:200 as the highest leverage to professional traders, who have immense experience. However, those who are normal retail account investors, get 1:30 leverage on forex and other assets depending on their experience and potential to spend.

Deposit and Withdrawal

If you want to deposit money or withdraw your funds for some objective, ETFinance offers plethora of options for continuing with the job. There’s no commission on depositing and withdrawals. Plus, it is secured with SSL. So, your money is safe.

  • Skrill
  • Maestro
  • VPay
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Bank Wire Transfer
Providers ETFinance
Swap charges 50 percent discount (overnight applicable)
Spreads Applicable (minimum 0.03)
Deposit No commission applicable
Currency conversion Slightly chargeable

Trading Platforms

A trading platform paves a path in the tantalising world of trading various products. It gives the base through which you take a leap of faith and dive into buying, selling and bidding. The online broker offers three types of trading platforms, including WebTrader, MetaTrader4 and Mobile App.

The significance of all these trading platforms is big for experienced to newbie traders in the market.


The MT4 platform is more than just an award-winning platform. It gives meaning to your trading when the rest of the platforms give up. Plus, it has been serving traders for many years now and has evolved in several ways, offering forex trading is not its mere forte. It has all elements that a veteran to fledgling would use and understand. And its relentless offers and services to improve financial trading has given it the trademark.

  • Ease of use: One-click trading has eased trading for those who aren’t much into trading but want to learn as time elapses. Thus, implementations of strategies have become simpler than before. You can find data presented intuitively. Hence, selecting assets and executing them at a swift pace becomes simple.
  • Trading Signals: You can use MT4 for replicating the successful ideas of learned traders and expert advisors. Using them would ensure you take advantage of trading conditions and no losses occur. A trader has the option to subscribe to such experts and follow them at will.
  • Technical indicators: A market player can discover different ways of trading and maximize profits by exploring interactive charts, new trends, technical tools, analytical and fundamental tools.
  • Optimum protection: Your account is safe while using the features and characteristics of MT4.
  • Mobile Trading: It is also available for mobile traders.


If you are willing to enter the international market and see how they work, the WebTrader platform is the best way to get there and cast your fears regarding trading. A user can use any browser and kick off buying and selling prospects.

  • Supports 11 languages
  • Safety is excellent and data transmission is secure
  • Fully history of trades
  • Live support
  • One-click account switching is available with anyone using WebTrader
  • Automatic Stop Loss
  • Real-time balance level
  • It comes with numerous trading modes for traders
  • Full customization is possible here
  • One-click operations can happen systematically
  • 7 timeframes are available
  • Japanese candlestick charts
  • Around 30 analytical tools

Company Details


  • Metals 4+
  • Commodities 17+
  • Indices 20+
  • Stocks 150+
  • Forex 50+


  • Country: Cyprus
  • License: 359/18
  • Regulation: CySEC

Customer Service

Our recommendation: Trading at ETFinance Review 2023

  • The commission on trades is zero 
  • The maximum swap discount available here is 50 per cent
  • You can find dealing desk for trading assets
  • The best trading platform available here is MetaTrader4
  • It does not exhibit any fixed spreads
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Rated 4.2 out of 5

Mobile App

If you do not stay put at a place but want to enjoy the luxury of trading and see how you earn profits through it. You can control the market with an internet connection and a smartphone anywhere in the world. Moreover, there’s CFD available on 350 plus assets to people. The application is compatible with Android and iOS stores for downloading.

  • Instant account synchronisation
  • Speed up your trading
  • Access all trading tools
  • Take profit functions
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • One tap trading options
  • Support of multi-language for traders

Customer Support Services

You get the best support service regularly when you register with the broker. Connectivity is smooth and you can use different modes for getting in touch with executives.

The staff is well mannered and speaks in various modes. Also, you can leave a message to them on the website for connecting.


ETFinance is everything that a regular or veteran trader would expect. Great trading platforms, amazing accounts for placing bids, the best trading services, dedicated account managers, risk warning, Cyprus Securities and Exchange commission at your disposal for finding any issues with trades, etc. Moreover, customer support always has your back during tough moments of trading. Products and instruments like CFDs, EFTs, forex, stocks, commodities, and different assets help in investment for a better portfolio.

It is the parent company of ETFinance broker.

The broker is the leading provider of foreign exchange currencies.

The minimum deposit is $250

Yes, ETFinance offers MetaTrader4 Trading Platform


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