Bitcoin Vs Gold: Which is more profitable?

Bitcoin Vs Gold: Which is more profitable?

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Financial markets are a good source for investing and creating wealth, but deciding what to invest in the conflict. Traders analyse and research markets before putting in their hard earned money. A trader has to choose from forex, stock, cryptocurrency, precious metals, indices and commodities markets, making the work of traders a bit difficult. 

With so many to select from, most of the traders invest in gold or bitcoin cryptocurrency, and both have different reasons. Gold is an age-old and traditional way of investing as a future saving, whereas bitcoin is a new and modern investment with a bright future in the trade sector. Bitcoin is the initial digital currency that was introduced in the market and has been popular since then. 

However, it depends on the knowledge and market understanding of the traders in what market they want to invest. Through this article, we’ll be knowing both these markets, their differences and which one is more profitable, bitcoin or gold? 

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Investing in the new markets has been a rollercoaster for beginners and professionals. Getting to know and trade with new trade instruments takes time as they need to understand the market movements. Cryptocurrency is one such trade market that was introduced a few years back in 2009, which launched bitcoin cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin being the first virtual currency, has great market value and high demand for investment. Satoshi Nakamoto instituted cryptocurrency as a white paper. At that time, the financial crisis of 2008 was just resolved, and this gave a boost to the bitcoin market. The document lays trading of cryptocurrency using the peer-to-peer method. 

The cryptocurrency works independently without interference from any central authority. It offers traders new ways of investing in the market through trading or using it as a payment method. Moreover, the market uses the latest technology to trade. Cryptography and blockchain technology make it possible to invest in a market with transparency and security at the same time. 

Cryptography is a verification process that uses computer networks and algorithms to have an encrypted trade. Traders are provided with a security key to maintain trade protection from any kind of fraud. 

Blockchain technology is a ledger that records all the transactions in blocks and is available online to maintain the trade’s transparency. It is also termed as the Distributor Ledger Technology (DLT), which uses cryptographic hashing for trade. Thus, a revolutionary technology that reduces the risk of any fraud and theft in the trade. 

In trading of bitcoin, the encryption means the method of transforming the plain text into ciphertext. As a result, traders have a secure and transparent trade with bitcoin cryptocurrency. Traders can store the bitcoins and use them whenever they want; these are stored in e-wallets. Thus, a reliable investment source with market value enhancing. 

Gold: The Precious Metal

Gold is the oldest market investment that has been a good source of saving for the future. Traders invest in gold to have them physically as an investment and can make them into cash whenever they want. Thus, a liquid investment is required by everyone. Traders can have them as physical bars, jewellery or nowadays; traders have electronic gold without a physical presence. 

Traders find gold as a reliable and in demand trade option that will never fade away. Most of the nations have an auspicious value of gold as well, hence adding it to every occasion and ceremony. Gold has been a valuable commodity that traders have invested in. 

It is a chemical element that is represented by the symbol Au in scientific terms. In addition, gold occurs naturally with a high atomic number and the least reactive chemical element. Traders invest in metal as it has always been increasing in the market. The price of gold keeps fluctuating and attracts traders for investment and trading electronically. 

It has its value moved due to the mining process as these are incurred from the mines. The demand and supply of the gold market also play a key role in the movement of gold prices. Therefore gold has been an integral part of the trade market and will hold that for a long. 

Why invest in Gold?

Investing in gold has some favorable points that attract market traders and the general public. So, here we have the key points that favour investing in gold: 

  • It is not available in abundance; thus, rare metal. 
  • Gold is a yellow coloured metal that is used as a consumer good. 
  • The value of gold remains disproportionately low and is not affected by demand and supply. 
  • It is a natural metal and cannot be produced like other instruments. 
  • The metal has traditional and sentimental value. 
  • A part of festivals and used as jewellery.
  • High market demand and low supply. 

Why invest in Bitcoin?

Similar to gold, bitcoin also offers investors with some facilities and income that makes it a good source of trade. Investors put in their money to make it double; let’s figure out what makes bitcoin a favorable investment: 

  • First digital currency with high market worth.
  • Uses cryptography and block chain technology 
  • 24 hours tradable online
  • Easy to invest and store 
  • A secure trade option 
  • Traders can invest or either make payments online through bitcoins. 
  • It is referred to as the digital gold of the cryptocurrency market.
  • It has limited availability in the financial markets.

With the favorable list of the two tradable instruments, it is clear that both the trade market have ample opportunities for traders. However, gold is the oldest, and remains the top choice as less people are aware of the bitcoin cryptocurrency market. 

Bitcoin is growing in the market and gradually will be known by all; gold has sentimental and traditional value for investors, which makes it a step forward in the financial markets. Earlier traders used to invest in gold, but as they upgraded themselves and understood the trade, they took the bitcoin market as the future of trade. 

Thus, both the markets have their place in trade and are excellent options to invest in as per the market trends. Traders should study and analyse the market to benefit from the trade. 

Bitcoin vs Gold: A Comparison

In the pandemic, traders have been at home and have no income from the regular job they do. At this time, the financial markets were the only option that attracted them to trade. Traders were aware of gold as an investment, but with their time and investment, they got familiar with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin etc. 

Traders during such time invested in safe securities that had good returns. Gold has been the metal that traders invest in, but along with this, traders also choose bitcoins as the investment. Thus, becoming the new market trade investment with high demand. 

The two are purchased as the hedging instruments that traders invest in to minimise the risks of market trades. Moreover, it helps traders diversify their portfolios. 

However, the two are different with the market and the way they are traded. Here we have discussed the differences between the two, bitcoin vs gold: 

  1. Gold is a traditional and old investment that traders have been using for future savings. Whereas, bitcoin is new and is a digital currency that is completely online and less known among market investors. 
  1. When it comes to legal, secure and transparent trade, gold is more preferred than bitcoin. The technology of cryptocurrency does not ensure the assurance that gold offers. Thus, gold has the upper hand over bitcoin. 
  1. Gold and bitcoin, though, have a similarity as the two are rare metals and cryptocurrency, respectively. Hence, they are hardly available in the market for trade and have excellent market demand. 
  1. Gold is a natural and pure product that is dug out from the soil; in contrast, bitcoin is a digital currency and is man made.
  1. Gold and bitcoin both have liquid markets and enjoy good liquidity. 
  1. The two belong to different markets; gold is a precious metal, and bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. 
  1. The market volatility also plays a vital part in trade; gold has low volatility in comparison to bitcoin. Thus, bitcoin traders have to be more cautious when investing in digital currencies. 
  2. Gold has a long history of trade. On the other hand, bitcoin is a few years old and is being explored. 
  1. Bitcoin being a new and online investment, is less known to the market investors. In comparison, gold is an old investment with physical availability and technological knowledge among traders of all the economic standards. 
  1. Gold is the currency of central banks, secure and more convenient to trade, but bitcoins have no interference from central authorities, are less secure and not easily tradable. 
  1. Bitcoins are just a digital currency and are not used for any other reason than trade and online payment, but gold has an auspicious value as it is used as jewellery and for festivals in some nations. 
  1. Bitcoin has been used to make online payments; it is stored online and has a future in the financial market. Gold is an old investment method, and with time the new generation may stop using it as jewellery or for other works.  

How to Invest in Gold and Bitcoin?

Traders who are new to the trade and want to invest their funds for getting high profits can understand with this paragraph how they can invest in the financial markets. Gold and bitcoin are the two most invested instruments in their respective markets. 

Gold is a known instrument that is available in physical form to invest and store. But less investors know that they can store gold by the electronic medium through an electronic certificate. So, let’s understand how traders can buy and sell gold and bitcoin online. 

The first step to investing in the two instruments is an online trade account; the account could be created by online brokers. But before that, traders should know about the broker, their market reputation and regulation. This will help them select a reliable and trustworthy online broker. 

Once the broker is chosen, traders can register with them by visiting the official webpage. For example, on the website of Investby, traders can open the website to check the services and instruments they want to invest in and then register. 

For that, traders need to click on the open an account tab and fill the form to get registered. It would require the name, email address, contact number and then set a password for protection. 

Once registered, the next step is to provide information, fill in a questionnaire for previous trade experience and upload documents for verification purposes. After that, traders can select their trade account that suits their requirements and deposit funds to begin trading. 

The second step after creating an account is investing in the instrument, here, gold and bitcoin. Finally, traders can use the trading platform and analysis tools to research markets and their price movements. This will help in investing and understanding when to enter and exit the market. 

The third step is to execute the order; traders can execute their orders via trading platforms available with online brokers. They can also use charts, indicators and other facilities to analyse the market, make decisions and predict the market movements. 

The fourth step is to monitor the market; once funds are invested, the trader then monitors the market regularly and waits for good opportunities to trade. However, it is advisable that traders should be aware of the fundamental and technical factors of the trade and be regular with their investment. 

This gives them knowledge and understanding of the market along with news and market happenings. Thus, making accurate trade decisions. 


Trading has been difficult if not done with proper precaution and understanding. A trader needs to understand the market, its factors and then invest the funds to trade. Gold and bitcoin were the two most traded instruments after the COVID-19 outbreak. Investors find good market opportunities in these two trade instruments. 

However, investing in gold and bitcoin requires good market knowledge and risk management plans to cope with the volatility. Traders should know the two trade instruments and then go for buying and selling.  A trader can choose gold or bitcoin for investment depending on their market needs and understanding. Both are profitable in their own sense and making a profitable market lies in the hands of a trader’s skills and adequate market prediction. 

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