The 7 Best Bitcoin Trading Strategies

The 7 Best Bitcoin Trading Strategies

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Bitcoin trading strategies are a significant part of the cryptocurrency market. Traders use the designed plans to execute their investments and make good profits. Cryptocurrency is the first digital asset that marked the beginning of the crypto trade ideas. Read our Blog Is the Cryptocurrency market a Boon or Bane.

Gradually it increased trading volume and is now one of the strongest cryptocurrencies. To manage the trade and have a smooth trading process, traders rely on the bitcoin trading strategies.

To understand the market trading and what strategies could be used, we have a detailed discussion on the bitcoin trading strategies. Let’s analyze them and have an effective investment.

Bitcoin Trading Strategies

Cryptocurrency is a volatile market and has lots of pitfalls in the way of trading. Traders’ market understanding, risk appetite, and various other aspects decide the growth and profit they can take home.

But, in this process of trading, what supports traders the most are the cryptocurrency trading strategies and the best trading platform. These two help traders analyze the market, predict using tools and take actions as planned.

As we are focusing on bitcoin trading, here we have the best trading strategy that helps traders execute their trade successfully and have ample market opportunities their way. Below are the best bitcoin trading strategies:

  • Range Trading
  • Day Trading
  • Swing Trading
  • Scalping
  • Arbitrage
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging
  • High-Frequency Trading

Range Trading Strategy

Range trading is an active investment that cryptocurrency traders prefer to analyze the range of shifts in instruments’ prices. This bitcoin trading strategy makes crypto trading easier for traders and helps them know the price actions.

With these bitcoin trading strategies, traders can identify the range at which they will buy or sell bitcoin over a short period of time.

It has support and resistance levels, where support is the price low at which the instrument price is not supposed to fall, while the resistance level gives the price up to and is above the current market price.

Even traders of the range have overbought and oversold conditions in check using the relative strength index and the stochastic oscillator. In this bitcoin trading strategy, traders can know the saturation point by having a prediction of the overbought and oversold conditions of the market.

Traders can use the following to use the given bitcoin trading strategy:

  • Charts
  • Indicators
  • Trading platform
  • Technical analysis

Day Trading Strategy

Day trading crypto is a popular trading strategy that has been used by bitcoin traders to invest wisely and make huge profits in the short term. It is a single-day trading strategy where traders can invest multiple times or at one time, depending on their needs and goals.

day trading bitccoin trading strategies

Day trading cryptocurrencies requires good market knowledge and taking the risk to have small profits that turn out to be big profits together. The investment objectives of the trading strategy are simple: to quickly invest and have profits rather than to wait for a long period.

Day traders have short-term bitcoin trading activities with day trading crypto and try to make as much profit from the crypto markets. However, the risks of the trade are also high as if the prediction is wrong, traders may lose their money.

In this case, traders use the trading strategy for day trading that would help them trade with a plan and make favorable investments. Features that day traders can enjoy include:

  • It does not have any overnight risks involved.
  • High-frequency trading strategy
  • Helps earn quick profits
  • Good market understanding is needed for taking the risks
  • Provides leverage facility
  • Short term trade

Swing Trading Strategy

Swing trading is another popular bitcoin crypto trading strategy that bitcoin investors use to trade for a week or more. This long-term trading strategy allows traders to hold positions for more than a day.

Swing traders are different from day traders and regular traders and lie in between the day trading and trend trading strategies. Traders of the bitcoin strategy try to take advantage of the market’s volatile asset class.

It combines technical analysis and fundamental analysis to understand market swings and accordingly invest. Users of this trading strategy can have the following tools to predict market movements:

  • Chart patterns
  • Technical indicators
  • Trading platform


Scalping is a significant part of the crypto trading strategies as many professional traders rely on the trading strategy for investing. Traders can invest in bitcoin with this short-term strategy.

It allows traders to trade for a few seconds or minutes and exit the market with profit or loss, whichever is incurred. The crypto trading strategy does not provide any ownership of the bitcoin to the trader and is based on borrowing the instrument to trade and then returning it after earning profits.

The traders may use trading bots for executing such investments as they need quick actions. Traders can use the following services from brokers to make it easy to invest and predict the change:

  • Trading platforms
  • Trading bots
  • Trading strategies
  • Charts
  • Real-time trade


Arbitrage is another important trading strategy and is different from the above-mentioned trading strategies. In arbitrage, traders buy in one market and sell it in another market.

Arbitrage trading strategies

The difference between the buy and sell price of bitcoin is called the spread. Traders can open their accounts with brokers or exchanges they find appropriate to trade with, like InvestFW. This will provide them access to the markets, and they can trade easily.

Beginner traders or experts, anyone can use the strategy to invest in and take profits from bitcoin investments. Arbitrage has the following features:

  • Take advantage of inefficiency in markets
  • Price discrepancies across financial markets
  • Trading opportunities
  • Highly volatile
  • Digital currency

Dollar-Cost Averaging

A dollar-cost trader could use an averaging strategy to have perfect entry and exit. This is important as timing crypto trading is an impossible task; therefore, the use of the bitcoin trading strategy will help traders.

DCA allows traders to have crypto investments at a fixed amount at regular intervals. Users can build good profits from the bitcoin strategy over long-term investment through brokers or cryptocurrency exchanges like eToro USA LLC.

Traders need to take care of their exit strategy as it is tricky to trade in such markets. They can buy, sell or even go for holding bitcoin in their bitcoin wallet once they are aware of the situations prevailing in the crypto trade.

They can have the following to understand the bitcoin volatility and have the proper application of the strategy:

  • Trends
  • Reading charts
  • Trading plan
  • Technical tools
  • Investment advice

High-Frequency Trading

The high-frequency trading strategy is an algorithmic trading style mostly used by quant traders. Traders of the strategy develop algorithms and use the trading bot for trading cryptocurrency. This helps traders quickly enter and exit crypto assets and is suitable for advanced traders.

The strategy is complex as developing a trading bot requires knowledge of concepts and strong mathematics to handle computer trading. Therefore, bitcoin investors have to understand these thoroughly before trading in the crypto assets.

The strategy uses the following tools:

  • Trade bots
  • Complex system
  • Computer and devices
  • Mathematical understanding
  • Technical and fundamental tools


Bitcoin trading strategies are essential trading tools for traders; crypto traders can customize these strategies as per their crypto asset and cryptocurrency markets. The article discusses bitcoin trading strategies that users can go for investing.

Crypto day trading strategies, scalping, arbitrage, etc., are the best crypto bitcoin investors can use for successful trading. Moreover, there are various tools and strategies that are available for these bitcoin trading strategies.

Traders can invest via cryptocurrency exchanges like eToro or brokers like Capitalix , which offer low fees, a bitcoin chart, and several other services for efficient trading. As a result, they can easily trade, predict the market and make good profits.

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