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Best Leverage Brokers for Beginners 2022- How to Choose it?

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The financial markets are wide with various types of markets and instruments to invest in. Traders cannot afford capital investments without taking into account the market factors and their impacts. They have to analyse, plan and form a strategy before going live in the market and for that require all kinds of tools and trading platforms.

Investing is not easy, but traders take help from brokers to execute it with proper knowledge. 

Since its inception, brokers have been part of the trade; earlier, they were in traditional form with a physical presence. However, brokers are now available online with their websites and services at the door with the technology. They have the best services that will make trade more feasible and effortless. 

The trading accounts, trading platforms, tools, easy deposit and withdrawal with no trade commission, low spreads and leverage are the services that brokers serve with some more additional features as per the broker guidelines. Leverage is a significant facility that all the investors require to open high. 

The article focuses on the aspects of leverage and the best leverage brokers offering leverage ratio to their clients and the use of the same. 

What is Leverage?

Leverage is a funding source that is used in business and trading to enhance trade capability. Traders use the leverage ratio to have funds and open on a high position in the financial markets. Whereas businesses or companies use leverage to expand their business. 

It is a borrowed capital from the financial markets with high risks to generate capital. Traders of the financial markets use leverage ratio as the investment strategy. It is like the debt that is used to finance market trading. The leverage multiplies the buying power of the traders. 

However, traders should be aware that leverage increases the downside risk of the trade. The debt is increased more than the equity of a firm; similarly, for the traders, the debt is more than the returns when the market goes against their wish. 

Investors use leverage in various instruments; it could be futures, options or margin account trading. Even traders use the leverage directly or indirectly for maximising profits. 

How to use leverage?

To use the leverage option in trading to expand the trade with high profits. Traders can follow the below stated steps. However, traders should use it appropriately due to the high risk associated. It requires traders to study the market and trade instruments well before using them. There are several best leverage brokers in the market to assist traders. 

Step1: Open a trading account

To invest in the markets and use the facilities, traders need to have a trading account to access markets. Traders can easily open a trading account by simply going to a brokerage website and filling the form to get registered. It requires first name, last name, email address, contact number with country code and set a password to login and secure the account. Once the account is created, traders can use it to invest and take advantage of brokers facilities.

Step2: Deposit of funds

The second step requires traders to deposit funds in the account to begin their trade. It is easy to deposit the amount, traders can have an initial deposit, or they have to deposit the minimum amount that is asked by the broker. Traders can use various mediums to deposit their funds, credit/debit cards, bank wire transfers, e-wallets etc. 

Step3: Search for markets

The best leverage brokers have all the markets and instruments available for the trade. However, traders should check with the broker that they have the facility of the instrument and market that the trader wants to invest in. After getting sorted with the market and instrument, the investor can invest their funds and use the leverage appropriately to trade with a good market position. 

Step4: Apply leverage 

In the fourth step, traders use the leverage offered by the best leverage brokers to begin with their trade. Traders set up their order to execute it, choose the buy and sell order and enter the market position using the leverage ratio that the trader feels is suitable for trade. However, they should be careful with the leverage, as they come with high risks. 

The best leverage brokers offer a high leverage ratio, but a trader should use leverage as per requirement and that much they could afford. In emotion or excitement, they should not over do it; otherwise, it would be risky. 

Step5: Confirm Order

In the fifth step, traders confirm their order before investing with leverage. A trader should be confident with the order they have decided to invest and place the order. For this, they should analyse the market and use trading tools such as technical and fundamental analysis, indicators, charts and patterns, time frames, etc., provided by the best leverage brokers to make it convenient and smooth for traders. 

Leverage should be used appropriately and accurately for beneficial returns. 

Step6: Monitor and Invest

In the last step, traders should be patient and monitor their investment for taking quick actions. This would facilitate the investment, update traders of market changes, and the use of the best leverage brokers facilities would help them analyse the trends and price fluctuations. 

Moreover, traders should use the technological services of the best leverage brokers to identify market opportunities and keep investing regularly to enhance their skills and trade knowledge. 

Best Leverage Brokers

The market has several brokers that offer their services to aid traders. They have plenty of services and opportunities that they provide to their clients for having maximum profits. Here, we have discussed the best leverage brokers for enlightening the readers. 


ROInvesting is a reputed broker of the financial market with the best services to enhance the trade. It is a tech-powered broker to ease the pathway of the traders with CFD trading options. The best leverage broker has a user-friendly interface trading platform, commission free trading, and three trading accounts suitable for all the traders. 

A customisable broker with services to achieve the goals of trade. They cater for the different market segments of traders with facilities such as: 

  • CySEC Regulated 
  • Fast fund withdrawal 
  • Professional support 
  • Data safety 
  • Trading with various devices
  • Zero trade commission 
  • More than 350+ assets 
  • Global markets to trade 
  • Customer support 24/5
  • Spreads starting from 0.03 pips 
  • Maximum leverage 1:200

Traders can use all the services to enhance the trade with the best leverage broker for trading in markets and other financial sectors. The accounts offered by ROInvesting have different leverage ratios for the traders. 

Silver account: 1:200 (professional account) and 1:30 for retail traders 

Gold account: 1:200 (professional account) and 1:30 for retail traders 

Platinum account: 1:200 (professional account) and 1:30 for retail traders 


Brokereo is the best leverage broker, being U.K’s No.1 broker. Operated by Neo Premium Investments Ltd. regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. It is the youngest broker of the trade community, incorporated in 2020 and serving millions of traders globally. 

The broker offers 300+ assets with CFDs options and various markets to trade. Brokereo is a trusted European broker having high ethical standards and regulations to trade online. The Euroleague Basketball team is an official partner of Brokereo broker and offers international services for excellence in the trade. 

Brokereo has some amazing features to attract traders: 

  • MetaTrader4 
  • Payment options for deposit and withdrawal
  • Trading opportunities 
  • Execution speed 
  • Zero commission 
  • Demo account 
  • One click trade
  • Award winning broker 
  • 24/5 customer support 
  • Analytical tools 

Brokereo has three types of trading accounts that help traders enhance their trading skills. The silver account is for beginners, the gold account is for experienced, and the platinum account is designed especially for traders who are masters of the trade. It is called the best leverage broker due to the facility it offers with the accounts. 

Traders can enjoy a leverage ratio of 1:200 for all the trading accounts, and for the retail traders, they have a 1:30 leverage ratio. Leverage increases the market position of traders, and beginners can start with a good trade position and have a good portfolio. 


Capixal is yet another best leverage broker that offers all the services that would make a successful trade. With the broker, traders have opportunities to explore the market and ample trade benefits. In addition, there are hundreds of powerful stock assets at one click, and the various markets could be accessed using the devices available with traders. Thus, the broker works with Apple, Android, Windows etc. 

Moreover, it has the stocks of the largest companies in the world, which are easily accessible for the traders of Capixal. The shares of Apple, Amazon, Tesla etc., could be traded and speculated with the best leverage broker, Capixal. 

Features of Capixal are: 

  • European regulation 
  • User-friendly trading platform
  • 24/5 customer support 
  • Security and transparency 
  • Instant market access 
  • Educational materials 

Leverage options with Capixal: 

The broker was founded in 2021, with headquarters in Cyprus. It has the latest trading platforms and options for trade with the best leverage ratio supporting all the traders. Capixal has a maximum leverage of 1:500 and requires a minimum deposit of $249 to begin the trade. 

Capixal has three trading accounts, namely, silver, gold, and platinum, with demo and Islamic account options. As a result, the account holders can enjoy a leverage ratio of 1:30 for retail traders and 1:500 and the professional traders of the market. 


ABInvesting broker trades in the name of Hub investments Ltd. with incorporation under the laws of Mauritius. It is registered with the number 176512 GBC and is regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) with license number GB20025728. 

The broker has three account types: silver, gold, and platinum, with a retail account and Islamic account option. Traders can even use the service of a demo account to practice trade and set strategies. 

ABInvesting has the leverage ratio for all the trading accounts with the most advanced trading services. It has a maximum leverage of: 

Silver account: 1:200

Gold account: 1:400 

Platinum account: 1:500


A successful broker with the best leverage services, TradeATF has achieved a lot of fame with its services for market traders. A legitimate broker with full regulation from renowned authorities. TradeATF has all the services that a trader would require to excel in the financial markets. 

TradeATF has three types of accounts to serve its clients; below discussed the accounts with their leverage ratios offered: 

Silver account is the beginners account with the primary requirements of the traders. It has a leverage ratio of 1:125. 

Gold account is designed for experienced traders with some market knowledge and skills to be at the top. It has a leverage ratio of 1:125. 

Platinum accounts have a leverage ratio of 1:500 that is four times of other accounts. As the account is for professionals who can handle the high volume trade with professional experience. 


FPMarkets is a known broker of the financial market with the best leverage offers. Traders can trade with the broker as it is regulated and easily accessible for traders. The broker was established in 2005 with the regulation of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. 

It has won forty plus awards for its services and fascinating features such as: 

  • Segregation of funds 
  • Access to 10,000+ instruments 
  • News and updates 
  • Economic calendar 
  • Technical indicators and charts 
  • Various trading platforms 
  • Trusted global CFD broker 

The broker has two types of accounts to render the services; below mentioned are the accounts with their leverage ratios offered. 

Standard account: An account that is for beginners and experienced both with a maximum leverage ratio of 1:500. 

Raw account: It is a popular account of the broker with a leverage ratio of 1:500. 


PrimeFin is the best leverage broker operating under the name of Caps solution ltd. PrimeFin is regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA), licensed with the number MB/20/0052. The broker has several features that serve the traders smooth trading and ample trade opportunities. 

Traders can enjoy a number of services with the broker to enhance their trade with the use of leverage. It offers three types of trade accounts with a leverage ratio of: 

Silver, gold and platinum accounts of PrimeFin have a leverage ratio of 1:100. Traders can enjoy a high leverage ratio and open at good market positions to trade and earn successfully. 


Leverage is a requirement of the trade, and traders can use it to have high market positions. However, traders should be careful with the use of the leverage ratio offered. It gives high position and risk at the same time. Therefore, a trader should use it when they are confident of their investment. 

Traders can choose the best leverage brokers by considering their trade market and instrument and accordingly decide which suits them well. Trades should, however, use it accurately and appropriately. 

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